Porsha Williams Addresses Sugar Daddy Rumors

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams has been rumored to be involved with a wealthy married man for months, and some reports claim the man is providing her with lavish gifts and money for her time.

But Porsha is about tired of the hearsay and addressed the reports during her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

She says:

“Yes, I do have a sweet tooth from time to time but no it does not consist of a daddy. There’s no daddy.

“That’s a part of the rumor mill … They’re rumors that’s it. There is no big papa, there is no sugar daddy anywhere.

“You know, I am dating currently. I just recently got hooked up with some body. Yes, it was a fix up…We actually haven’t met, we’ve been conversing….This actually happened like two weeks ago.”


Check out the video below:


    1. Has Kenya explained why she was with that married man earlier this year? I mean there’s actual pictures of her with him.

    1. Oh please! To hear y’all tell it, Porsha was too simple to survive after Kordelia. And yet here we are a year later and she’s on televisoin every night, has a success hair line, just launched Naked Lingerie, and will be on David Tutera’s upcoming show on WE TV. Meanwhile, Kenya continues to languish at the bottom of life in Loserville, USA.

        1. Chile please. All y’all on here clowning, and downgrading Porsha are usually either outright or undercover Kenya stans. So don’t act like I’m so far off the mark here. Thanks!

          1. They usually start off with, “I’m not a Kenya stan but..” LMBO. Stop it. Oh and the new thing is to cape for Claudia and Cynthia. Nobody was thinking about neither until they teamed up with Kenya. Now they are on here defending them and their nonsense too. Don’t get me started on that last Claudia post. You can always spot them and their victim mentality out on here.

          2. Girl, I couldn’t respond this weekend, and they’ve closed comments on that post, or I would’ve surely added my 25 cents. Claudia’s a-s needs to be dragged for that idiotic comment comparing actual DV, to some stupid-a-s beef that Nene and Cynthia are having. She and Kenya are supposed to be the educated, classy ones of the group. Yet all they do is play victim, and throw around arbitrary terms to cover their meanness. “Throw rocks, and hide hands” is these two chick’s motto!

          3. The whole Cynthia is a victim of emotional abuse thing is dumb anyway. Cynthia was going all the way in on Porsha and has been trying to shade people all this season. She’s not innocent. I mean she was talking big and bad about NeNe for months and then cried and said she wanted to be friends again on the last episode, until Peter dragged her for it. I mean he talked to her like she was a child. It was very demeaning and hard to watch. If there’s anyone who “emotionally abuses” her, it would be Peter. The fact that none of Claudia or Cynthia’s new fans have pointed that out says it all. They only want to take down NeNe, even if it means mocking victims of domestic violence.

  1. I still say this was Kenya’s folks who put that story out on MTO. Kenya and her stans just can’t deal with the fact that Porsha is now making her own money. Besides, isn’t Kenya the one who heads to the side of the world for her married men? I thought “all things African” was her side-hustle?

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