D’Angelo & Nicki Minaj’s Album Sales Projections Released

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

D’Angelo and Nicki Minaj dropped new studio albums this week, and while Nicki’s album has been planned for a good minute now, no one knew D’Angelo would be dropping one until a couple of days ago.

The first week projections for both artist has been released, and D’Angelo is performing well. However, Nicki’s prospective numbers are the lowest first week figures she’s had her entire career.

Hits Daily Double writes:

Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint is on track for next week’s biggest chart bow, followed by D’Angelo’s out-of-the-blue return after 14 years, Black Messiah. We also see a live set from 5SOS (featuring some punky covers mixed in with the Aussie band’s originals) and another highly touted soundtrack from Disney. Here are this week’s key debuts, with album-sales forecasts followed by likely SPS (Sales Plus Streaming):

Nicki Minaj (YMCMB/Republic) 155-165k sales / 170-180k SPS
D’Angelo (RCA) 95-100k sales / 100-105k SPS
5 Seconds of Summer (Capitol) 50-55k sales / 55-60k SPS
Into The Woods (Walt Disney) 28-30k sales / 30-32k SPS
Charlie XCX (Atlantic) 24-27k sales / 27-30k SPS

Keep in mind these are just projections and both artists could sell more or less.


In related album sales news, the final numbers are in for J Cole and K Michelle. J Cole sold 361,120 copies, while K Michelle exceeded projections and pushed out 83,404 copies.


  1. I’m going to keep it 100. These numbers for Nicki are not good. She should have at least sold around 200,000 in the first week. This means this album will struggle to even go gold. Meanwhile Dangelo been out the game for a long time and still almost pushed out 100,000 with no promotion or singles. J Cole did the same thing and he pushed out over 300,000. People are no longer moved by hit singles. Nicki better step it up or she’s finished.

    1. I don’t think she’s finished. Every artist goes through a slump. She will come back hard and do better next time. Her singles just weren’t that convincing.

      1. I don’t think she lost her white fans because of Iggy. I mean they don’t even care about Iggy. Iggy is still a flop. I just think Nicki didn’t have enough pop songs for them to support her like they usually do.

  2. I really wanted Nicki to sell more copies. I feel like she really put her heart and soul into this album and it’s not being appreciated. I hope she keeps her head up and keeps pushing regardless.

  3. I’m happy for D’Angelo. HIs album is awesome and I’m happy he’s back. As far as Nicki is concerned, even with her lowest debut, she still sold more than Iggy. So I’ll take it.

  4. These numbers are a little low for Nicki but reviews of her album have been good. The numbers are excellent for D’Angelo for no promotion to just drop an album nobody knowing. I’m so proud of J.Cole his album is selling and I heard some of his album and its great.

  5. I thought Nicki would sell a lot more. I heard some of the songs, and I think it’s her best work so far. It’s crazy how an artist can do their best work and then sell a lot less. It’s like people don’t really want artist to grow and do something different.

  6. I bought both albums. I think the Pinkprint is a solid album, but Nicki chose the wrong songs for singles. And D’Angelo’s album has been on repeat all day.

  7. I remember when artist would go platinum the first week of releasing an album. Now they are considered lucky for the entire album to go gold. Can’t wait too see how R8 does. And I’m happy for J.Cole. Got his album and will get R8 when it drops.

  8. Nicki didn’t do too bad. I think she will get back on top with her next album. Rih is going to slay in her first week.

  9. K Michelle, J Cole and D’Angelo did well. I’m not sure why Nicki’s numbers are so low when she has so many fans.

  10. I dnt care for.nicki that much I like that song by her and beyonce feeling my self. I listen to all these albums on Rhapsody but I bought beyonces cd last year cuz I am a fan. As far as d angelo I love his music its refreshing to hear him and will be buying his album.

  11. So Nicki has literally been showing her entire a$$ doing the most and her album still flops. Plus didn’t the album include a calendar of her semi nude? And Taylor Swift doesn’t pull stunts, doesn’t show her body to sell her album and she goes platinum in the first week. Go figure

  12. what made ya’ll think i wanted to see nicki photo and not d’angelo’s?

    last time i seen him he looked terrible. i wanna see him now. we see nicki’s oversaturating a** all the d**n time sh*t.

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