Peter Thomas Has Some Words for NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Peter Thomas is still furious with NeNe Leakes since she referred to him as a b*tch last season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but he’s said several times the last straw was when NeNe went on “Watch What Happens Live” and said she felt Cynthia shouldn’t return for another season.

Although Andy Cohen later revealed that NeNe has no real say so on who goes and who stays, Peter believes NeNe was really trying to get him and Cynthia axed from the show.

He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

peter thomas tweets


  1. So now Peter is playing the victim card too. Are we really supposed to believe NeNe can get anyone fired? If she could, Kenya would have been gone already. NeNe saying she thought Cynthia was boring and could go was not “trying to get her fired.” She was asked her opinion and she gave it like all the other housewives do when they were all asked the same question.

  2. Now Claudia, Peter is who you should’ve been writing about in that Weak-a-s blog yesterday. His reaction to Cynthia’s attempt to make up with Nene was classic emotional abuse. He was disparaging, and bullying in his attempts to make her see the “error of her ways”. That is not a strong relationship, that is an abusive one, but neither Peter nor Cynthia want to acknowledge the difference.

  3. I wish he would shut the hell up. He treats Cynthia like trash anyway. Nene is no saint, but Peter is much worse. He’s a controlling douche bag who spends all her money.

  4. He’s so dramatic. First they said the last straw was NeNe calling him a b word, and now they’ve switch it up to she tried to get Cynthia fired. Whatever. NeNe can’t get anyone fired. They know that, so they need to stop lying to the general public. NeNe wanted Kim gone, yet she was never fired. NeNe wanted Kenya fired, and she’s still on the show. NeNe didn’t even get Sheree fired. Sheree’s big mouth and arrogance got her fired because she demanded a raise after her storyline got weak.

  5. It’s funny that he says anyone who disagrees with him must be single or with a weak man when he’s married to the weakest woman on the show.

  6. This needs to be Cynthia and Peter’s last season. I’m sorry but they are boring. I would say fire Nene too but that bish is still funny as hell. She can stay.

  7. If Nene is so bad, why did they deal with her for so long? Is it because they figured a friendship with her kept them on the show? If that’s the case, they are no better than she is.

  8. Oh shut the f-ck up Peter I swear I can’t stand this man. After the last episode it’s so obvious Peter is the real problem for Cynthia. Why is this man so invested in female situations. He quick to tell people that they dealing with weak spouses so what the f-ck is Cynthia she admitted last episode that she let people get in her ear and convince her to still be mad about Nene calling her husband a b-tch after she forgave her.

  9. I just find it odd that Peter is the only man on the show who is that invested into the cat fights. Most men don’t want to be a part of pettiness.

  10. Nene just needs to have a “gloves iff” moment and just start spilling all the tea. She needs to talk about the money she loaned those two a-sholes to shore up Peter’s business, and why no one else on the show had Cynthia’s back. She should put all that shit on front, and let Peter’s a-s hang in the wind. I can’t believe I actually liked this fool at one point! SMDH!

  11. Peter is going to write a check he can’t cash. Something tells me NeNe will handle him at the reunion. LMBO.

  12. Oh Peter. You need a peach cause you really are a beyotch!! Always up in the women fights. Let them work it out without you. And you didn’t want your wife fired cause like you said” it would take food out your mouth” since Cynthia is the breadwinner. You sure don’t want her to lose out on sure money instead of your funny money.

  13. How is he still mad about the b-tch thing. I mean he does act like a b-tch. You can’t get mad at the truth. No other husband on the show is as involved and catty as he is.

  14. Nene, called as she seen it….Peter is a “B*tch”! He know that Cynthia is weak, so he control her and he’s emotional abusive to her. I believe that’s why Nia got rid of his Uncle Ben looking @!

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