Safaree Samuels Taking Breakup with Nicki Minaj Hard

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Safaree Samuels recently expressed that his most recent split from on and off girlfriend of 12 years Nicki Minaj has been tough for him, and Nicki also revealed amid tears that she’s still shocked it’s over.

Interestingly enough, sources are now telling TMZ that friends of SB think he may be suicidal.

TMZ writes:

Safaree Samuels is confiding in friends that he’s an emotional wreck over his breakup with Nicki after a 12-year relationship. He’s become a shut-in, spends days and nights smoking weed, and has talked openly about suicide.

Safaree is telling friends he won’t get in touch with Nicki because she’s now hooked up with Meek Mill. He says it’s torture for him, because he believes Meek Mill destroyed his relationship with Nicki over false claims he cheated.

Safaree’s friends say they’re scared these are more than idle threats. They’ve urged him to see a shrink. The problem … he’s seeing one whom he says has been giving him meds that make him even more emotional.


In related news, SB told followers that he’s too emotional to watch any of Nicki’s latest interviews:

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  1. Stunts and shows. I think they are faking a breakup for her album sales. And it’s not working. Either make some good music or take your flop like a G Nicki.

  2. Both of them need to let it go for their own emotional sanity. What they had was a toxic relationship. The length of time they were together doesn’t change that.

  3. Hold on. But he’s been kicking it with this exotical on IG. He didn’t seem so depressed in the pictures either. Somebody is lying.

    1. I agree. I’d hate to think this is a publicity stunt after seeing Nicki’s interview with Angie Martinez. She seemed like she is taking it really hard. And now after reading this I find it really strange that he posted a photo of another woman just a few days ago, but is now crying suicidal. I won’t be surprised if they end up back together……

  4. Seems like they are both taking the breakup pretty hard! I didn’t think the meek millz rumor was true, but nicki got quite defensive when angie told her meek couldn’t be a baby daddy. Nicki seems like she can’t be single so I know that’s extra pain SB is dealing with. She came straight out of a relationship and got with SB, their relationship overlapped. They both need time. I know how hard that attachment can be. Time is the only thing that can make it better!

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