Lauren London Stands Her Ground

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Lauren London has stated multiple times in her interviews that she wishes people would stop asking her about what it’s like to have a son with Lil Wayne, and she pretty much wants people to just get over it.

However, it’s kind of hard for some people to lose interest in the child because the child has never been publicly photographed.

But Lauren says there’s a very good reason for that (read tweets from bottom to top):

lauren london twitter


  1. She doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. It’s her child and she doesn’t have to post pictures if she doesn’t want to.

    1. The crazy thing is some people don’t understand where’s she’s coming from and they think she’s overreacting. Smh.

  2. More parents should do the same since people don’t have a problem with stealing pictures and claiming kids as their own.

  3. Not every celebrity wants or needs to whore their children out for publicity like Kim Kardashian. Some parents actually love their kids and want them to have normal lives.

  4. I don’t blame her if I was famous I would want my child to have his or her privacy. I know someone who is famous and they told me one of the reasons why they didn’t want their child photographed was because of when they weren’t with them they wouldn’t be hassled by the paparazzi. I have to give Lauren credit she has done a great job keeping him out of the spotlight.

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