T.I. Defends White Music Artists Amid Growing Iggy Azalea Backlash

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is growing tired of being a target of rival Azealia Banks but now that people are rallying behind banks out of pure disgust over Iggy’s success and multiple Grammy nominations, it’s no surprise that T.I. is once again putting on the cape and defending his friend.

Things popped off when legendary emcee Q-Tip attempted to school Iggy on the history of Hip Hop in a series of tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

q tip twitter 8

q tip twitter 7

q tip twitter 6

q tip twitter 5

q tip twitter 4

q tip twitter 3

q tip twitter 2

q tip twitter

Not too long after Q-Tip’s tweets became a popular subject in the media, T.I. then decided to add his two cents and defend white artists, while uplifting Iggy (read tweets from bottom to top):

ti twitter 3
ti twitter 2
ti twitter

Azealia Banks hopped on T.I. immediately (read tweets from bottom to top):

azealia banks twitter


  1. TI ain’t sh-t. He’s defending this white snowflake more than he’s ever defended his own wife. And people don’t do Iggy because she had the audacity to refer to herself as a runaway slave master. Why are her defenders continuously glossing over that fact? Is it because they know it hurts their whole Iggy doesn’t deserve backlash argument? All of them can go to hell.

  2. I am UTTERLY speechless……and that is at TI’s response of course….I feel like Azealia Banks now, its not even funny to make fun of him anymore. He IS conditioned!

    QTip spoke the TRUTH!!! Love that man…

    1. I’ve been done. He has a right to defend who he wants but I have a right to no longer support him over who he defends.

  3. Oh shut the hell up T.I. He is nothing more than a real life Oswald Bates from In Living Color talking complete nonsense. Iggy is a fake and people see right through her and ain’t nobody picking on her cause she white hell Emininem is one of the best pure lyricist to me he keeps it real he always stayed true to himself even Macklemore stayed true to himself it was a reason it wasn’t backlash against them. They weren’t rapping with a southern accent and talking with an Australian accent.

  4. T.I. is risking his fan base for a white flash in the pan. Iggy will not be in the industry as long as Eminem has been because she doesn’t put in the actual work required to be one of the greats. This right here is why T.I.’s last album flopped hard. He’s turning people off with this Iggy mess.

  5. Cool Qtip, great! even schooled me on a thing or too.I get it and totally understand everyone frustration. I listen to the drugs song where she made that slave master statement. I don’t consider that statement to be racist nor do I believe she is racist. I think that metaphor was insensitive and ignorant. She is an entertainer just like a lot of other commercial rappers out there. Does it really matter what her accent sound like? She found a flow that works for her (though I personally don’t like it). I think she would be more likable if she was original, but at this point in time not only Hip Hop but music period lack any sort of originality. , I agree Iggy is wack, and if it those two pop songs she made wasn’t constantly on the radio, I would not know it. Was it is that we really want from her? The first time I ever hard of Izzy was from this blog.

    1. You’re black and you don’t find a problem with a white woman calling herself a runaway slave master? Let me walk right on out of this post…especially since I just saw very old pictures of black men/slaves being hung on trees with white women smiling in the background as they posed by the corpses.

      1. I never said her comment is to be ignored or even excused or was not a problem. I said it believed it to be ignorant and insensitive instead. I am not racist or prejudice but I have some things to people in the past especially out of frustration from the people who does my nails and wax my brows. I’ve called people from the gay community f-gs even though I was not and am not homophobic.

        We have a bigger issue than slavery. You would think that our history and race was created through slavery the way we emphasis on everything concerning it. And please stop taking my words out of context as if I am condoning it

          1. Firstly, this is not my first time on this blog. I just don’t comment on every single thing. I am black not only am I Black I love my dark skin.

            You should read what I wrote. Read it 5 times in a row and if you still take it as a defense to Iggy, well you just do that. I will keep my thoughts of you to my self

          2. And your brain in telling you this because of? What have I said that suggest or implies that I am white?

            Is it because I said Iggy is ignorant and not necessarily racist?

  6. TI is out here looking ignorant again. He knows damn well why Iggy is a racist fraud. The receipts are out there. There’s a reason Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Kesha weren’t dragged. And that’s because they never showed any signs of being racist.

    1. Very good point. We’ve had white female rappers before but did she really think people would forget the runaway slave master verse? That sealed her fate with most black people who have common sense. When people show you who they are, you believe them if you have any kind of common sense.

  7. Listen T.I., black people should be the only people allowed to make awful rap music. Because black artists have been so great since Big and Pac died. We have not made one hit wonders or records just for the club. (Stanky Leg etc). So let us continue to only support club records, and ignore rappers with real lyrics and talent. Please.

    1. You’re condescending and misinformed. Nobody supports the people who make the club bangers and trashy one hit wonders. We don’t buy their albums. But you know who just sold almost 400k in the first week? J Cole. In fact, the only hip hop artists who sell records are the people who make quality music. It’s the corny artists who can’t move albums. And Iggy is still not even gold yet. But the issue is she’s getting Grammy nominations when she’s on the same level of Bobby Schmurder (however you spell his name). You should at least know what you’re talking about if you’re going to try to defend that white princess of yours.

      1. Clocked! I love when you educate people on here. I’m laughing at anyone thinking anyone is selling albums like that besides Kendrick, Jay Z, Kanye and J Cole. Even Nicki is struggling. If you’re not rapping about anything, you’re not getting support. Iggy is a flop but is still getting nominated for Grammys. People are playing real confused like they don’t see the obvious.

        1. I hear a lot of nonsense on the radio, but there’s a silent movement going on where people are speaking with their wallets. We’re not supporting the artists who have nothing to say and no messages of value. I’m proud to say I’m a part of that movement. I also think it’s time we stop supporting the Grammys. It’s time to send a message.

      2. This is what happens when people don’t read and understand. I did not defend Iggy once. I did not say she deserves all this attention. The Grammy nomination is over Iggy head we need to take that up with the NARAS. Do you honestly think Iggy is racist?

        1. Was I even talking to YOU? No, I wasn’t. And honestly based off the other comments you’ve written on here, I don’t want to. So by all means, ignore me from now on. Thank you.

      3. That’s this month, let’s not forget about the past 10 years. Maybe 15. All the good lyricist out since the mid to late 90’s and you name J Cole? That dude is still new…..cmon. Only hip hop purists supported the underground artists, mainstream black artists were making garbage and no one said a word expect for rappers like Jadakiss and some other underground artists. My main point is Iggy is product of nonsensical music for ten years plus, don’t’ blame her, blame the lame rappers and A&R’s that started it.

        1. So you want to go back to ten years ago to prove a point? Ok. Let’s go back to ten years ago. Ten years ago Eminem was on top, Outkast made a classic with their double disc, Jay Z made the black album, Kanye dropped his first album, The Game dropped The Documentary, Common was on the scene, and Lil Wayne was hot. Out of all those people I named, most of them are considered legends and can still sell albums to this day. Jay, Kanye, Eminem and Lil Wayne can still go platinum. Why? Because they actually put in the work and always wanted to be lyricists and make dope music.

          Kendrick, Drake and J Cole are the new generation of real lyricists and rappers who want to actually do the work. The numbers they draw prove that yes, people do want to hear real Hip Hop. And we’ll pay for it too. Yet, Iggy’s album is still on the shelves and not even gold.

          So what does that mean? It means that in the real world which isn’t controlled by white media, Iggy is no different than the other one hit wonders who get radio play for corny hits that can’t translate into a real connection with listeners. The difference is she’s white, so even being a one hit wonder who can’t sell albums won’t keep her from being nominated for four Grammys. A black artist could never be rewarded for such mediocrity.

          And your need to downplay J Cole’s success while defending Iggy’s right to be mediocre speaks volumes about who you are as a person. BTW, J Cole’s last album sold 297,000 in the first week and it went gold. He’s here to stay and has been steadily building his fan base because he makes good music. And J Cole’s album is the highest selling rap album of 2014 while Iggy’s is the biggest flop. Drake’s numbers are always good and he actually puts in the work to make good music. Kendrick went platinum from word of mouth. WORD OF MOUTH. If you look at all the rappers who have been able to go gold and platinum for the last few years, all of them are either GOATS or legends in the making. Those corny artists you were referring to can’t sell albums. And they don’t get the support or accolades Iggy gets.

          My point – mediocre white artists are always praised and given accolades they don’t deserve. Meanwhile black artists have to work 20 times harder to get noticed. Some of us are sick of it. You however have no problem with it.

          Lastly, we can call Iggy out forever if we want to. She’s a white woman who referred to herself as a slave master in her music. We don’t have to give her a pass for that.

          1. I can’t even express to you how amazing, and informative your comment above was. *Standing ovation*

          2. @ julyol1972

            Thank you sis. I’m Just really fed up with some of the people in these comments. D is on here trying to defend a white rapper who referred to herself as a slave master. Then he/she is also trying to defend her being mediocre when the black mediocre artists aren’t being nominated for Grammys or proclaimed as “King” and “Queen” of Hip Hop by white media. Let’s not pretend to be ignorant on here. I won’t stand for it. I love Hip Hop way too much.

          3. So when purists (like myself) because I don’t like Iggy, but it’s cool if you use the narrative…. And Common is my favorite rapper of all time. were saying Hip Hop is “dead” at the mainstream level we were wrong? were we overreacting? Because I remember those club records getting more airplay. And I’m talking at a mainstream level. Or was I being too much of a purists. Cause my main point is, there’s no Iggy if certain foolish music didn’t get play in the late 90s’ and mid 2000’s. And the Hip Hop is hip hop dead debate was around for a long time. So I’m talking mainstream, were we being picky as purists? Those albums you listed were good albums, (Outkast only album that was classic) I guess I’m talking more about the quality of the music. But again, were we being too picky?

          4. You’re not a purist. You are a hypocrite who capes for a trashy, white rapper who referred to herself as a slave master when rapping about her black competition. I’m willing to bet your former name on here was Drew and you caped for Iggy hard with that name too. You’re never going to get it because you don’t want to. You and I are done here and I prefer if we never had an exchange on here again.

        2. D shut the f-ck up. You don’t know sh-t about Hip Hop if the only classic you recognized was OutKast. You’re a fake, wannabe Hip Hop head who has laughable OPINIONS on this subject and Hip Hop as a whole. And you’re the most clueless Common fan I’ve ever seen. I’m sure Common wouldn’t be on here defending no got damn Iggy Azelea because unlike you, he’s awake enough to see through the bullsh-t. He loves black people too much to defend some corny white vulture who labeled herself as a slave master. But I knew you weren’t sh-t the first time you wrote on this blog and I was dead on the money. F-ck off and ride Iggy’s cl-t all the way to hell.

    2. I can see you don’t pay attention to album sales. Your comments are always lame and uneducated.

  8. All I’m doing is sitting back and taking notes on who defends who because I won’t spend my money on any of these fools ever again.

  9. So this went left quickly. LOL. Anyway, we all know TI is a c–n. It’s to the point all I do is point and laugh at him. He’s out here flopping but defending Iggy ever chance he gets. He’ll never see a Grammy and he’s sold way more albums than she ever will. I guess he doesn’t mind that. Idiot.

  10. I’m confused at the people on here taking up for Iggy. I’m not sure if you’re white or not, but I can guarantee you Iggy doesn’t need any more people defending her.She’s white and privileged. She has the white media and Grammy committee in her corner. So what are y’all in your feelings for? The white girl has already won. Take the damn capes off, you win, ok? Smdh.

  11. It’s kind of sad that some of you are actually ok with white privilege. This isn’t about Iggy being a racist, this is about our people being TIRED. Wake the hell up or get the f-ck on. Some of us have had enough.

    1. I understand your frustration Anonymous. This is probbaly what they “white people” want us to be tired with to keep us in a box. I love and appreciate good music but what is she supposed to do if the reason why she receives all of this attention from is beyond her control.

      I know it’s not fair, but attacking her because of the unfairness is not going to work. Riot the Grammy, tell them we don’t want Hip Hop a part of their crappy nomination process. Create our own process and build it to have the same type of success as the Grammy.

  12. I have read everyone post, unless I miss a comment I believe I am the only one who said something about Iggy that was not on the exact same page as everyone else.

    I did not defend Iggy. As I said previously the first time I ever heard of her was from UB, she is wack and lack originality.

  13. It’s a very tense time for our country right now. Race relations are in shambles right now. Iggy just represents an issue we’ve had in music for a very long time. But I do think a rebellion in music is on the way with artists like D’Angelo and J Cole selling more in the first week than the white artists they keep trying to shove down our throats.

  14. Very interesting comments. As far as TI is concerned, eh, he jumped the ship a long time ago. Let him continue to dig his own grave. Just know Iggy won’t be willing to dig him out though (irony).

  15. TI definitely lost me as a fan. I wont even watch his show even though I only watch for Major. It seems he don’t even get where Q-Tip is coming from or he just chooses to be ignorant and ignore it. Either way he sounds stupid defending Iggy. With all that’s going on now is definitely not the time for this TI.

  16. I wonder if T.I. is ignorant to the fact that Iggy IS included in that group of white people he speaks of who manipulates our culture for their own personal gain. Her music certainly doesn’t contribute to it and even on a personal level she’s so far removed. It’s sickening. Maybe they need to create another genre or something but you can’t label her music hip hop and nominate her for awards she doesn’t deserve while artists who can literally rap lyrical circles around her dizzy a-s are overlooked…yet are bringing in more sales!!!! I don’t need award shows. The proof is in the fan base, the longevity, and the numbers. And it’s a sad day when you can’t even look to the BET awards to give our artists the recognition other companies blatantly deprive them of. Black artists work their butts off to push units and essentially have nothing to show for it.

  17. I don’t believe Iggy is racist either. Ignorant, misinformed, and a pawn in a larger game? Definitely.

    And yes I am black and probably have been longer than most of you in this comment section. The only difference is I have critical reasoning skills and don’t do groupthink.

    1. Well I am white and it’s nice to see that a few of you have sense on here. I mean Iggy is not a bad person. She has every right to make Hip Hop music if she so pleases. So what she called herself a slave master. It was just a rap lyric. And Black people don’t own anything. Music is free for all. And to be honest with you, there’s no such thing as racism. It doesn’t exist. It’s just a figment of imagination created by black people who love to make excuses (like on here). I know I will be attacked but the cop who killed Eric Garner wasn’t racist either. Just misinformed. So is the cop who killed Mike Brown. And the cop who killed Tamir Rice. They don’t hate black people. They were just afraid and misinformed. So can we stop all these ridiculous protests? It’s nice to see some black people on here have sense. I commend you.

      1. That real life moment when you witness a white person pat a black person on the head like they’re a good dog. “Good boy.” Smh. Some of y’all really need to open up your eyes. Group think is why black people were able to unite during the Civil Rights movement and overcome segregation.

      2. I read this blog often but rarely comment. Takes a lot to make me say WTF….but this right here is beyond me. We made racism up? Did we make up mistreatment too? Doesnt matter if iggy is racist or just stupid, she shouldnt have said it and NO ONE should be okay with it.

        1. It’s disgusting but when you have black people like shade tree mechanic who get on here and try so hard to separate themselves from other black people by proving to whites that they “think differently,” this is the result. Iggy should not get a pass for her slave master lyric. And she’s also tweeted some very racially insensitive things in the past. She needs to be held accountable.

        2. Don’t even get mad sis. That white troll just pretty much revealed how ignorant and stupid shade tree’s comment was in the first place. Sometimes it takes a fool to show us our own ignorance.

    2. Oh girl shut the f-ck up. I’m sure if I was able to hack into UB and pull up your IP address and posting history, I could pull up numerous times when you actually participated in “groupthink” on here and agreed with the majority. Not participating in groupthink when it applies to racism and culture vultures doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you look stupid. Y’all can give that white girl a pass for calling herself a slave master if you want to but no human being who respects what the black race has gone through would ever make a joke out of slavery. She’s trash and so are you.

  18. T.I. cannot claim Iggy’s ignorance of slavery and what her lyrics mean to us as black people, when she’s from a country that was and continues to be overtly racist towards it’s own indigenous black people! And that is why I’ll never support that negro again because he’s perpetrating a fraud on her behalf, and he damn well knows it.

    1. TI is just like a couple of the commentators who have written on this post. They want to appear so different so bad that they’ll risk being just as ignorant as Iggy.

      1. Exactly! And what makes it worse is that they’re so damn proud of themselves for being “different”, as if being an “Uncle Tom” hasn’t been a thing for generations.

  19. I am so disgusted with the few of you who are on here taking up for Iggy. And now a white person is on here and has the audacity to say that racism doesn’t exist and the cops who kill unarmed black men aren’t racist, just misguided and uniformed. Do you not see what happens when we make excuses for the things they do? It negates everything we’re working to change. SMH. But you don’t want to unite with your own people because that’s group think right? I am so done with this damn article. Some of you make me sick to my stomach.

  20. To the h–key ho trolling UB, stfu. You sound ignorant and rediculous. Racism is real. Just cause you’re a pasty slore you’ll never experience it! The sad thing is you believe the shyt you’re writing, I really hope you never procreate. GTFOH

  21. A couple of you on here are dense as f-ck. Nobody is going after Iggy because she’s a white rapper. Do you know how many white artists black people have supported? Hell we even name Eminem as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Historically, we as a people are the most accepting race on the f-cking planet. For f-ck sake’s we even supported Kesha and Fergie for crying out loud. And after the Janet sh-t, we still love Justin Timberlake. Iggy’s race isn’t the issue here. The issue is she’s a bigot. Her calling herself a slave master is a problem. She mocked slavery and mimics our culture to get ahead. Even Macklemore knew better. That’s unforgivable.

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