D’Angelo & Nicki Minaj’s Official First Week Album Sales Revealed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was originally reported that Nicki Minaj would most likely sell around 155k to 165k in her first week of sales for the “Pinkprint” but now that the final numbers are in, the rapper should be happy to know she’s exceeded the projections.

And R&B singer D’Angelo managed to officially sell a little over 100k for an album he only announced a day or so before releasing.

Here are the final numbers via Hits Daily Double:

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.34.45 AM


    1. I was one of the few who questioned her marketing of this album since D’angelo and J Cole were projected to do so much better. She’s definitely not a flop, but we both know she’s done way better than this in the past.

      1. Well her first album she did 375,000 the first week and it went platinum. Her second album she did 253,000 the first week and it went platinum. This album is only about 50,000 less. If she still manages to go platinum, I think she’ll be ok. If she only goes gold, then I do think people will start labeling this as her first flop.

    2. She didn’t flop and I’m glad she sold at least 200,000 copies. Anything less than that would have been a flop for her.

    3. She didn’t flop but she needs to stay on the less gimmicky path she’s on. It will be better for her legacy in the end.

  1. Barbee I told you I think the breakup thing is just a stunt but I do think it helped her sell more in the end. She will at least go gold with this album. So she’s no flop indeed.

    1. Going gold won’t be a good thing for her because she’s gone platinum with her other albums. If she only goes gold, this album will be classified as a flop.

  2. Well Nicki damn sure sold more albums the first week than Ariane Grande is. Nicki is pulling pop girl numbers. Miley, Katy and the rest of them (except Taylor) do about 200-275k the first week.

  3. Yasssss!!!! I’ve been on my black power kick lately so I bought both these albums and Azealia’s too. I don’t regret buying any of them.

  4. This is not accurate. You can go to billboard.com and see that Cole sold 354k in album sales. Im not checkin for Nicki so idk what she has but you Barbz may wanna check it out.

    1. Actually, this is correct and Hits Daily Double is a leader and trusted source just like Billboard. J Cole sold 354,000 albums last week. Billboard has not put up the numbers for his second week and Nicki’s first week yet, but they will tomorrow and they will be around the same numbers Hits Daily Double is reporting.

    2. 354,000 is the number of albums J Cole sold last week. Not this week. Taylor Swift is number one again this week. Billboard will update the numbers tomorrow probably. Hits Daily Double gets the information before Billboard does.

      1. lol! We’re both saying it wrong. But I’m sure you meant his first week he did 354,000 and Billboard has not updated his sales yet to reflect his second week.

    3. And honestly, I’m not even phrasing it right. 354,000 copies is what he sold his first week. His second week numbers have not been released by Billboard, yet but HDD gets the numbers first and he sold an additional 111,000 copies in his second week. Billboard will have the same data on their site very soon.

    4. Those numbers are old. He did 354k his first week. Billboard has not updated any album sales yet to reflect his second week or Nicki and D’Angelo’s first week. They usually update their charts on Wednesday. But Hits Daily Double has the same numbers and just gets them a day earlier.

  5. I see the TI/Iggy thread was closed (as it should have been) since it got really nasty and racist on there, but I’ll just leave my thoughts on here.

    I’m happy for Nicki but I can’t help but be saddened that black artists who make better music have to work so hard to be recognized and get Grammys now in 2014. We as a people need to wake up and come together. Speaking up for our race and demanding that people be held accountable is not a bad thing, groupthink or stupid. We have to fight for our race not only when it comes to police treatment, but how we’re treated in all avenues. That’s the only way we can progress as a race. Iggy is wrong for what she said. It was a hurtful thing to say and she needs to own it and stop trying to make it seem like black people are just mad at her because she’s white. We’ve never been that kind of people. We’re a very welcoming and forgiving race. More so than whites. But when you disrespect us, you have to own it. She has not owned it and still tries to play victim. In a way, she behaves like a sociopath. Kind of like how the white police officers act when we protest against them for killing unarmed black men. They never want to admit they’re wrong and they blame us for our own deaths. It’s so problematic. And here is Iggy and her supporters, blaming us for being upset about her slave master lyric when we were not the ones who rapped it. They’re oddly saying, how dare you be mad about that! How dare you be mad that Iggy is using white privilege to succeed in life! Pay attention people.

    That’s my 2 cents. Peace.

  6. I actually just checked the notifications from that thread it was pissed that it was closed.Many may have taken the things I said out of context yesterday, or it could have been the way I executed my view. I got chance a while ago to do what I advised everyone else to do is to really sit back and read and understand what was being said. Sometimes when you are in a debate with people your goal is to get your point across or possibly persuade people to view it as you see it, as I did yesterday I more concern with my way.Everything that you said above I absolutely agree with. What I was trying to say yesterday that this bigger than Iggy. I mean they have a movie coming out called the Gods of Egypt with an all white cast as if it’s not a fact that our dark skin is all over the walls of ancient Egypt. Until They took away I identity, they call us African Americans. What part of Africa? What part of America? People in Africa don’t even considered themselves Africans. They took away I identity making it almost impossible for us to be traced. They are satisfied with us wanting to fight for equality because at the end of the day to them they see as we are fighting to be equal them our opressors. Once we start to reclaim who we really are and take back what was stolen then that’s when they are going to have a problem. I think I went a little to the left with this, we all know Iggy isn’t worth all the hype but telling it to Iggy doesn’t change the game, another will be come on the seen and we do all over again.

    1. I understood what you were trying to say, it just got ugly so fast so I left the post and didn’t return. Everyone won’t agree on if she’s racist or not, but we as a people should agree that the slave master reference was wrong and her accolades are not well deserved. And from what I gather, you agree on those things. So I take no issue with you at all.

      1. “Everyone won’t agree on if she’s racist or not, but we as a people should agree that the slave master reference was wrong and her accolades are not well deserved.” —-> All of this.

  7. These gimmick artists are struggling to sell yet real music can sell without any hit singles. J Cole and D’Angelo are the real winners.

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