Yung Berg Believes He Will Return to LHHH

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

When it was reported Yung Berg assaulted Masika over his credit card getting declined during a dinner date, “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” producers thought it would be best to axe him from the show.

Although Mona Scott Young recently admitted she is upset he was let go, Berg seems to think it’s possible he may be asked back.

He tells The Breakfast Club:

“I can’t really talk about the legal action…but pretty much, what happened is, they lying. Like, my credit card did not get declined. They tryna say my credit card got declined and I went crazy. That wasn’t the case…Somebody in the hotel called the police she [Masika] didn’t call the police.

“Who knows…See, the difference thing – they got sponsors…It’s a woman thing and my allegations was so crazy, I know with the business, that was gonna happen regardless,” he said. “Who knows, it might work itself out…Whatever happens, happens. Great thing for me is I have a day job….I don’t think they can legally kick me off if the charges drop.”


  1. He really doesn’t need to come back but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Mona has no morals and only cares about ratings.

  2. He’s saying this because he’s already been having talks with Mona. She wants him back and she will get her way. Firing him was just damage control anyway. They didn’t intend for it to stick.

  3. Berg is the typical full of sh-t kinda guy. It’s never his fault it’s always a misunderstanding blah blah blah. He probably will come back don’t forget he was working for the devil so it’s possible.

  4. Seeing how petitions have been circulating, and sponsors have been pulling out of that sorority show, Mona might want to watch herself. Folks are getting tired of the rachet, and therefore tired of her..

    1. That show is even worse that LHH… Those woman are supposed to know better. I couldn’t get past the first episode. I have never been annoyed more in my entire life.

  5. How does Mona even sleep at night selling out as much as she does? And he will be back next season. You can count on it. Everyone thought Ray J was Mona’s favorite but you can tell she really bats for Yung Berg the hardest. The funny thing is she’s a dark skinned woman and he has no respect for dark skinned women.

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