NeNe Leakes Gets a Good Opportunity from a Bad Wig

Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes
Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is always getting dragged on social media for her choice in wigs, but the latest episode made her the target of multiple memes and hilarious tweets.

While NeNe could have taken the internet’s reaction sourly, the reality star appeared to be unfazed by it all and now it appears she didn’t take it too personally because she actually got a business deal out of a bad wig.

NeNe writes:

As a designer, you take risks that sometimes don’t work! I think we all can agree the bob wig I wore in my interview didn’t work. I could give you this whole spill about what actually happened that day, but I’d rather not! I will say this though: A wig comes off, so it’s a good thing I am comfortable in the skin I am in. Why let little things like a wig or makeup define me? I’m one of those girls that lives by my own rules, which is why I am a force to be reckoned with. I’m proud of who I am and all that I’ve accomplished! I have discovered my true self, and I couldn’t be happier, but I have a sense of humor and I must say some of the pictures I saw on social media of my hair were hilarious! My hubby and I fell out of the bed laughing at some of the stuff we saw!

P.S. Wearing that wig wasn’t all bad, because the very next day I got a business call from a hair company wanting to do a wig line with me! Cha-Ching! #ByeWig.


    1. Oh please. You’re just mad no matter how many “mooses” and “HeNes” you call her, she still manages to have the confidence you lack.

  1. Nene is always thinking of ways to make money while other reality stars are more focused on trying not to get fired. She’s playing the game well.

  2. NeNe’s wigs are always bad. But I don’t think she cares what other people think about her looks. And why should she? Without being a beauty queen, she’s managed to get everything she wanted in life: a husband, kids, a legitimate acting career, wealth and fame. Not bad for a former stripper from Athens GA.

  3. Yea that wig was terrible but in the end she getting that $$$. Nene is building an empire and that’s what it’s all about making sure you and your family is secure for the future. Kudos to Nene some of them other housewives including Peter need to catch up they came on the show with better platforms than Nene and still ain’t making moves like her.

  4. NeNe went from being a “low budget b-tch” *Kim’s voice – season 1* to a true born hustler. I have to give to her. Kuddos!

  5. My girl!!!! That personality is why Nene will continue to get the roles, and offers. She has always been able to laugh at herself, without taking the sh-t too seriously. Other folks could learn a lesson.

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