Mathew Knowles Reveals Biggest Regret Regarding Destiny’s Child

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mathew Knowles’ managing career took a major dive after Beyonce fired him, but he’s holding on to hope that things will pick up via a Destiny’s Child reunion, seeing as he claims he technically still manages the R&B girl group.

 In a recent interview, Mathew reveals his biggest regret regarding the group and he says it was agreeing to let R&B group Jagged Edge tour with the girls years ago.

When asked what was his biggest regret, he tells the Wall Street Journal:

“Probably putting Jagged Edge on the same tour bus with Destiny’s Child when they were young — that would be one of my biggest regrets LOL. When you see the movie, or the play, that will become a very important part that nobody knows…Years ago, tryna save money. Wasn’t a good decision.”


  1. His biggest regret should be sticking his d-ck in THOTs while he was married. Now he has illegitimate kids all throughout Texas.

  2. I thought his biggest regret would be selling off Beyoncé’s stuff, or fathering two kids outside his marriage….silly me!!!!!

  3. Gone and spill it matt, what went down on that tour bus? Everything else ur speaking about aint shyaat, i wanna hear who banged who on the bus.

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