Toya and Memphitz on the Rocks?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Toya Wright originally stood by her husband Memphitz’s side when K Michelle accused him of assaulting her while they were dating and Toya even made it clear that she believed the R&B singer was a messy liar out to destroy her hubby’s reputation.

But while Memphitz was taking shots at K’s album sales on Instagram, it’s possible his marriage was beginning to crumble.

After posting subliminals on Instagram for the last few days, Memphitz finally confirmed that his marriage with Toya is in trouble:

memphitz instagram

memphitz instagram 2

memphitz instagram 3


  1. Duh. Did he think she would keep being understanding about his obsession with his ex? He acted a plum fool and she finally woke up and realized that K really wasn’t lying.

    1. I think that’s the case too. At a certain point, you’re no longer defending yourself and you’re just a bully. She now sees he’s not really all that.

      1. Truth! He might’ve been putting hands on her too, and she was just keeping it pretty for the public. Abusers are like leopards – they don’t change their spots!

  2. Damn she gave back her engagement ring and wedding band. She’s really done. Good for her. He’s a creep anyway.

  3. And I don’t blame her. How the hell is he married and obsessing over what K. Michelle is doing every single day. He embarrassed himself and Toya with his antics for the last year.

  4. I knew it was only a matter of time. And he can blame himself for this. Acting like a b-tch is the quickest way to lose any woman.

  5. Baby K Michelle is blessed and highly favored. All the people who came for her are losing right now. Meanwhile her album is doing well and she’s happy. Gotta love it.

  6. Well someone on here called it. Now it makes sense as to why he was going in so hard on K. Shid he’s miserable and she’s the one who is winning right now.

  7. I’m finding that the ones who have to broadcast everything on social media are the most unhappy. I haven’t been wrong yet.

  8. Toya isn’t the smartest so I won’t commend her until she actually files for divorce. But it’s so obvious K told the truth and Memphitz isn’t a very good person. The things he has said about her and her fans is just…smh.

  9. He needs to change his IG name for Billiondollarboybizz to LivingoffLilWanynesHandouts because that would be more accurate.

  10. Shut your bum a-s up. Don’t complain about having a public marriage when you’re putting your personal business on the gram. B-tch n-gga.

  11. It’s obvious they are about to loss this case and with K. Michelle and team counter-suing, they might be doing this to separate assets, hence saying he is broke. Just a thought, but yes Karma is a B abd plays no games.

  12. I think she got tired of him constantly talking about K Michelle. And I also won’t be surprised if his lawsuit gets tossed out too. Memphitz deserves all this karma he’s getting. He tried to make K out to be some liar but she never once changed her story. I knew she wasn’t lying.

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