Reginae Carter & Toya Johnson Quit GUHHATL + Slam the Show

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” star Reginae Carter and Toya Johnson have had just enough of the show.

In fact, they took to social media last night to tell followers that this will be their last season.

And it’s all because they don’t like how their scenes have been edited.

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  1. The thing is Reginae has already shown us who she is though. And she is a spoiled brat who feels like the world should bow to her feet because she is Lil Wayne’s daughter. That’s not editing. That’s her personalty.

  2. Reginae has been spoiled for years. It doesn’t make her a bad child though so I don’t understand why Toya got so worked up. Rich kids tend to be spoiled. I mean they are born into money. At least she’s going to school and she does stay out of trouble (well excluding getting into her mom’s beefs on the gram).

  3. I think she’s embarrassed because people see Reginae for who she is. before she got on the show we always saw a lot of cute pictures and how everybody thought she did such a good job with her daughter but now that she’s on this reality show people can see her for who she really is and she tried to protect that for many years and now it’s out. Zonnique gave her the side eye when she said let’s be roommates most teenage girls would jump at the chance to be able to live together but she knows better.

  4. Goodbye, didn’t like either of you anyway. Your daughter is a brat and you on another page with that your baby, I’m that mother crap. The problem is you haven’t been that mother otherwise your daughter would be better trained & be a young lady and you wouldn’t have to be doing all that. Do a better job next time.

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