Chris Rock’s Divorce Gets Messy

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Chris Rock filed for divorce from his wife of almost 20 years recently, but sources close to Chris claim the divorce is already getting messy.

Apparently Chris’ estranged wife is trying to get sole custody of their two daughters and he’s upset her rep told the media that the split was a joint decision when he’s the one who called it off.

According to Chris’ camp, Malaak is also trying to make it hard for him to see their daughters.

Page Six writes:

Chris, who filed papers in New Jersey last Tuesday, is seeking shared legal and physical custody. “He lives for his children,” a source told us. “They come first. When he was doing a publicity tour for ‘Top Five,’ he made it clear it had to be scheduled around being able to take his daughters to school and pick them up.”

Rumors have surfaced that Chris has moved on to a relationship with his “Top Five” co-star and longtime friend Rosario Dawson, but his rep firmly tells us, “There is no truth to that. The rumor is 100 percent untrue.”

The earlier source added, “Chris just wasn’t happy in the marriage anymore. There is no third party involved . . . Chris and his wife had previously separated and got back together, so there have been problems for some time.”


Chris and Malaak have a prenup.


  1. Why do people put their kids through this? You don’t want to be married anymore, ok cool. But don’t get even through the kids. Damn.

    1. That’s my issue too. People break up all the time. But why make that harder for the kids by trying to keep them away from one of their parents?

  2. I hope this isn’t true man. Malaak seems so much more sensible than this. Somebody needs to tell these folks that joint custody IS ok! Sheesh. People become so bitter and spiteful when the relationship ends.

  3. She needs to chill. If he’s a good father, he shouldn’t be banished from his daughters. Women need to stop trying to get back at men by taking their kids away.

  4. Breakups and divorces bring out a side of people you’ve never seen! I hope they can get on one accord for the sake of the children

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