Toya Stirs the Pot

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day both Toya Wright and her now estranged hubby Memphitz took to social media to hint that their marriage is currently in trouble, and some seem to think one of the issues in their marriage was Memphitz’s constant K Michelle bashing on Instagram.

While neither has confirmed just what went wrong and if a divorce really is in the works, Toya seemingly posted the following to get under Memphitz’s skin:

toya instagram

Memphitz posted the following the next day:

memphitz instagram

It’s unclear just who gave Toya the flowers, but it’s obvious she wanted all of her followers (including Memphitz) to see them.


  1. So she’s just as ridiculous as Memphitz is. Both of them think Instagram is a place to air out marriage issues and get back at each other. Immaturity at its finest.

  2. You can see why this marriage didn’t work out. Memphitz is still thinking about K and both of them are immature. People who want to stay married understand the importance of growing up.

  3. So what is making him jealous going to do? He’s still an abusive douche bag who is obsessed with K Michelle. Cut your losses Toya and move on girl.

  4. If she doesn’t GTFOH with this lame attempt to make that bum jealous. And if she really does have a new man, given her track record he ain’t sh-t either. That seems to be her type.

  5. Dang man. When I saw the photo I was hoping the flowers were from Wayne and that she would have made that known . Piss on a couple of people’s parade right quick. I feel ratchet for even thinking it :-/

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