Yung Berg & Masika Break Up?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Masika and Yung Berg break up? “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Yung Berg and Masika’s romance became the target of controversy once it was reported that Berg assaulted Masika as a result of his credit card getting declined during a dinner date, but both denied things got as ugly as the reports made it seem.

However, it appears the couple may have called it quits because Yung Berg has deleted virtually all of Masika’s photos from his Instagram account.

While we’re unsure of what went down to cause the possible rift, it does appear Berg was somewhat annoyed by a lack of trust:

yung berg instagram


    1. You damn right. By going back to him, she just showed everyone she’s just another bird. And who the f-ck dates Yung Turd anyway? He’s at the very bottom of the barrel.

    2. That would mean she has common sense. Sadly she doesn’t. And after what he said about black women, no black woman should still be dating him.

  1. If she’s smart, she won’t deal with him again. But she’s already shown the world that’s she not the brightest.

  2. She played herself by fckn wit him fr jump street. Just cuz Hazel is delusional doesn’t mean that what Berg did to that lady should be ignored. He ain’t shyt, and he’s very immature. Like he is on some JHS/HS shyt. These females fckn wit him is beyond desperate for a come up

  3. I guess he is getting women because he “produces” music. Nevermind that he keeps showing his hate for women on a regular. SMH.

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