Memphitz and Toya Tea (Update)

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day it was reported that Toya Wright and Memphitz are currently separated and Memphitz wanted out of the marriage because he was tired of being in a “celebrity marriage.”

However, new rumors suggest the split is nothing but a stunt to add spice to an upcoming reality show.

Check out the screenshots and tea courtesy of Baller Alert:

memphitz and toya gossip

When one of Memphtiz’s supporters asked him if the rumors are true, he responded with the following:

memphitz and toya gossip 2

Memphitz posted the following to his Instagram account:

memphitz instagram trollingmemphitz instagram trolling 2


So far we see no evidence that VH1 has picked up a show with Toya and Memphitz (and VH1 probably wouldn’t since he’s suing the network over K Michelle), so we’re labeling this as trolling for now.


  1. Now this makes sense!!! He was out Nae’s birthday party and they seemed fine. Then he posted their Holiday picture on Christmas and like a few days later he said they were over. It does seem fishy.

  2. And I kept thinking in the back of my mind this is probably all for a reality show. They trying to take a page out of Rasheeda & Kirk book fake problems for reality it’s really pathetic.

  3. I think this could be true. I noticed he kept saying “celebrity couple” as if he’s trying to convince they are celebrities who need a reality show.

  4. Right, nobody wants to see them on TV. The only thing that stood out from her first show was her mom and bro. The only slight humor I got from her is when she mistakenly farted. Besides that, she a dud with no personality and he tries to hard.

  5. LOL. If they really do come out with a show now, people are going to drag them so bad for this. It’s crazy how thirsty some people are. But this is Memphitz and Toya we’re taking about. This ain’t something they would be above doing.

  6. If anyone had any doubt that K Michelle probably wasn’t lying, they should have none now. You can tell he’s missing some fruit loops and has a temper problem.

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