Claudia Jordan Not Done with NeNe Yet

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta”newbie Claudia Jordan got her peach because she had the courage to go toe to toe with show veteran NeNe Leakes, and now that both have had a showdown, Claudia makes it clear she’s not done with NeNe just yet.

In fact, Claudia let it be known she’s not bothered at all by NeNe calling her a whore.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

claudia jordan twitter


  1. I remember when this show was good. Like never missed a Sunday good. Guess, I’ll see what these tweets are about someday. I loved NeNe since day 1, but this better than thou crap she has been doing lately is turning me off.

  2. This b-tch is so corny. That “read” she called herself giving Nene was wack as f-ck. All she could muster up was talking about edges and comparing Nene’s wig to ramen noodles. And let’s not get into resumes Claudia. I’m sure anyone with a real career will tell you the length isn’t what counts, it’s the quality. Nene is on Glee and just wrapped up on Broadway while you were doing some no name job no one even remembers you from. Let’s not.

    1. Girl she has random gigs she f-cked for. She will never do Broadway, never have a major role on a major network and never be a household name. They hate NeNe because they feel like it should have been them and not her. You can be pretty all day long, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. Kenya and Claudia both have forgettable resumes.

      1. TRUTH!!! And why are folks acting like Nene was wrong for calling Claudia’s a-s out? Every talking head, and everytime those three get together, all they do is dog Nene out. Damn straight I would’ve gone straight for her slanging her c–ch around town too. No wonder she hangs with Kenya – whores of a feather flock together!

      2. I am sorry for all you NeNe fans but she does nothing but throw shade in the most immature way. For starters, Claudia tried to be friendly with NeNe and she pulled out the immature “I don’t like you because you like Kenya”. Now don’t get me wrong, I get the friend of my enemy is not my friend thing but who says they had to be friends. She could have been friendly instead of being immature and moved on with her day. In my opinion, Claudia was absolutely right when she simply stated that it is nothing wrong with Demetria bringing up what she felt some type of way about and having an adult conversation without all the petty insult throwing and snide comments and laughing like the mean girls in high school. If I’m not mistaken it was NeNe who started throwing her job in the air about Ricky Smiley. Dumb dumb Porsha sitting there laughing like her job is not on the Rickey Smiley show. NeNe needs to grow up, Porsha needs to read a book and grow up and Phaedra is really just trying to distract from her marriage problems and be interesting in another area so they won’t make her air the real tea in her life and she is falling right behind NeNe who acted as if she didn’t even know her in the beginning.

        1. Are you serious? I don’t take you NeNe haters seriously because the same stuff y’all call her out for you could easily call Kenya and her crew out for too, but you don’t. I’ll hop off NeNe’s team and say the truth..


          There’s nothing mature about Kenya, a woman in her 40s, using a bullhorn to call Porsha a dumb hoe. There’s nothing nice about Kenya calling NeNe a moose and a ghetto beast. And before you try the she didn’t start it BS, Kenya came on the show starting drama with Cynthia at her own event. And she started everything with Porsha as well. She is not any better than NeNe. She’s a wannabe Nene but gets a pass for it because she’s a pretty dark skinned woman with long hair. It sickens me how people stan for her because they think being a pretty dark skinned woman with hair is some unique ish. It’s NOT!!!!! We been bad!!!!!

          There’s nothing mature about Cynthia either. She has yet to find her own voice and she is still a follower. When Kenya and Nene aren’t pulling her puppet strings, her husband is and he’s emotionally abusive. That’s another topic though.

          Kandi is so messy she sold out her own momma and husband. I still like her though.

          Claudia’s track record has been on the internet for years. Trust me, she makes NeNe look like Mother Teresa. But when those receipts start coming, I’m willing to bet you make excesses for her because you like Kenya.

          Phaedra cuts deep. We know that and most of us have been entertained by it for a few seasons now. Y’all only crying foul now because she’s taking down Team Pretty. If she stayed friends with Kenya, you wouldn’t care. In fact, if she went after NeNe, y’all would be praising her.

          I won’t even get into Porsha. LOL.

          So let’s keep it 100 on here. Everyone on the show is nasty and messed up, none of them really deserve praise. But you like who you like. There’s no innocent person on the show and if they were, they’d be fired in a millisecond. So let’s stop the act here. Just say you don’t like NeNe and keep it moving. Trying to act like she’s the only mean person on this show is BS and you know it.

          1. Never said she was the only mean person on the show and never said that others are innocent. Nene is smug and thinks she is better and trust they have all had their moments, I’m sure but what I am also sure about is this is not about the whole cast at the moment, this is about what went on between Nene and Claudia and yes I stand by feeling like Nene deserved to be called out because she manages to do some of the most underhanded shady things and because she talks loud and over others she gets away with it. Bad people, good people IDK because it’s all editing magic. To me, it’s not even about reality because it’s entertainment, television. One thing I do know, I’m team nobody but Kenya gets called out on everything she does and the bullhorn was way too much but she learned her lesson. She got dragged and now she is hugging Porsha lol.

          2. @Leenarose26

            Ok I hear you. I just get so worked up because sometimes I feel like no one else gets called out but NeNe (sans people on here of course). But I respect what you’re saying. Yes, NeNe is terrible but I feel like everyone is being too nasty this season. Even though I don’t like Kenya, I still wish everyone could be cool again at some point. I miss that. This has gotten even too negative for me believe it or not. LOL.

          3. What’s weird is your emphasis on Team Pretty. So Nene is Team Ugly lol. I don’t think any of them on the show is ugly. I may not be fans of Nene or Phaedra, never was from the beginning. Of course they had their moments were I agreed with them but that’s the whole cast. I don’t think Nene or Phaedra are ugly. I think the whole thing about taking down team pretty is something you are putting into this lol. Maybe the reason why you don’t like Kenya and Claudia is because they are pretty. I don’t think it’s a team Pretty and Ugly because who in your opinion is ugly?

          4. Hold on now, I was being polite and respectful, but you can get this work. Now you’re starting to sound like one of those rabid Kenya stans by assuming people who don’t like her are ugly. Now if you want to throw low blows, I’ll drag your phony a-s all up and down this blog. Let me know.

          5. Lol!! Honey it’s not that deep. I never called you ugly, just didn’t understand why you kept emphasizing because she is pretty she gets a pass. I don’t know who’s opinion that is and I just wanted to know if you were saying the others were ugly lol.. No need to do no dragging because this is just a website honey, on a show that is staged and prepped and called reality. I am just at work waiting to get off boo lol. I don’t want to internet fight because what can you say, I typed lol too much so I’m unintelligent lol. This is not even a serious topic in the world today. The Nene and Claudia is not going to solve world hunger LOL!!!!

          6. Leenarose26 Girl shut up. Everyone always emphasizes Kenya’s looks on here, especially her f-cking stans. And it was their dumb a-ses who gave Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia and Demetria the Team Pretty nickname. Everyone else they don’t like is called Team Fugly and called animals. But you’re on here trying to come for me? Get your hypocritical a-s off here and go to CNN so you can read about world hunger with your condescending phony a-s. Scram.

          7. You are right. I don’t know enough about Kenya’s stans, who is team pretty or team ugly. I don’t even put enough energy to comment on these sites so let me have a seat because this is not my world. I’m glad you came back though because I have 10 minutes left in my office and I am out of here lol.

          8. @Leenarose26,

            Oh the hypocrisy. The only thing Kenya’s fans talk about is her looks. They place more value on her looks than anyone else. You even sound like a Kenya fan right now because you are telling Yeah I Said It that she probably doesn’t like Kenya because of….HER LOOKS. Your argument is void.

  3. Claudia is weak. I’ll be damned if a b-tch drags me about my v-g and finances and the best I can clap back with is her weave. The f-ck?

  4. Girl bye RHOA has really built Claudia up like she is the queen of clapbacks and her mouth so vicious and I’m not impressed at all. Only thing vicious about Claudia is her feet. People trying to make it seem like she read the hell out of Nene and she was super lame Nene more than held her own and even got the upper hand to me. Yea this will definitely be my last season I know I keep saying that but I’m so serious get rid of people like Sheree in favor of people like Claudia and Kenya who have FAILED to make it in Hollywood and are doing reality to keep some relevancy. And Claudia really needs to be for real she know damn well everybody knows she sleeps around.

  5. I don’t know anyone is still supporting this show. These women are being paid to be nasty and toxic to each other. I feel bad for them. They can’t enjoy what they’re doing, but the check is keeping them there. Very sad.

  6. She’s using the same tired playbook Kenya wrote. Look, Nene doesn’t like Claudia because she knows Bravo hired her to be Kenya’s attack dog. She’s doing all the dirty work Kenya never had the balls to do. When you peep game, you ‘re not going to waste time trying to act delusional. So Claudia needs to stop acting like she had the intentions on being cool with Nene. That’s a lie.

  7. Nene should have asked Claudia about that abortion she got a year ago because she found out the man she f-cked raw was unemployed. She doesn’t want to try to spill someone else’s tea when hers has been on the internet for years now.

  8. Claudia’s resume is all fluff. NeNe’s is shorter and has more substance. Let’s see…Glee, The New Normal, a fashion line, Cirque du Soleil and Broadway. Oh and she’s done the things Claudia brags about like Celebrity Apprentice and was on RHOA before Claudia slithered her way on there. So I don’t know why she’s trying to compare resumes. She loses there too.

    1. And y’all don’t like anyone who is friends with Nene. Y’all dragged Cynthia until she hopped on Team Twirl, and constantly call Phaedra a frog and Porsha a horse because they like Nene.

  9. I don’t understand why y’all like Nene. She’s a mean person. And she was dead wrong for that half breed comment.

    1. So Claudia wasn’t wrong for the insults she hurled at NeNe? Why is it that NeNe is the only one who everyone demands be politically correct when she argues with someone? Was she wrong for the comment? Most definitely. Was Claudia wrong for her comments? Most definitely. But I’m not shedding a tear over Claudia and her faux outrage. She’s made jokes about dark-skinned people before.

    2. But Claudia was right for disrespecting Greg? Oh, ok! You folks like to give Kenya and her cronies a pass on their mean, hateful comments, but call Nene and others out when they reciprocate. You can’t have it both ways!

    3. But Claudia wasn’t wrong for calling Omarossa’s dark skinned mom a monkey? Claudia wasn’t wrong for saying she prefers to interview light skin people because she can’t see dark skinned people in the dark? Y’all are phony. You don’t have to like Nene but damn be fair and call Claudia and Kenya out on their sh-t too.

      1. Are you serious? Sunday night I was totally pro Claudia. Then, I saw the video of her saying she couldn’t see people who are dark complexioned. Then, somebody pointed me to a clip of Claudia on a radio show calling Tiny ugly and stupidly agreeing with an ignorant
        DJ who said that Tiny was “light skin gone to waste.” Now you’re telling me that she called Omarosa’s mother a monkey? Call me a flip flopper, but I am totally pro Nene now.

        1. Claudia should worry about here one bedroom apartment that is one wall away from being a studio apartment. Her and rickey smiley start with her every morning

  10. I think the fact that Claudia wasn’t afraid Togo toe totoe with Nay Nay says a lot. You can tell Claudia made Nene feel some type of way bc she resorted to race jokes and policing Claudia’s p*ssy? Who does that? I nnotice any time another woman gets some hype on RHOA;Nay Nay gets insecure. Kim (music), Kandi ( on the show) Kenya. The only person Nene won’t try it with is Marlo cause she know she about that life. I applaud all of the accomplishments of ALL the ladies, but Nene loves to throw her wealth up in someone’s face (new money). She was singing a different tune last season when her show got cancelled. Humble yourself Nene. When someone is getting Nene together like Sheree did that one season ; she throws out how rich she is. Nene has found someone to replace Cynthia and she goes by the name of Phase. Lol. Either way wish these ladies the best. what Claudia was saying is that she has made her own money since the age of 17 ( commendable). Nene worked until she met Greg and then he embarreses her by telling people how much he spent on her to make her pop off;the sole reason for their divorce. Now Nene is the bread winner and Greg is cool w/ that. Never let a man take care of you solely BC when they are mad they will bring it up. IMJS.

    1. I get that you don’t like Nene (you’re always critical of her but never about anyone else), but please Claudia is no better. She has broken up marriages and sleeps her way to employment. And let’s not go there about race. She has called dark skinned women monkeys before and said Tiny was a waste of light skin. Where’s the outrage?

    2. Are you serious? NeNe is self made. Hate her or love her it was her big personality that made RHOA turn into Glee, Broadway and everything else she’s doing now. And all of them have big egos now. Hell is Kenya not going around twirling and calling herself the queen of rhoa? Porsha has changed too. I mean it is what it is. I think all of them are annoying this season tbh. But it’s like no one on here wants to admit that.

    3. Y’all kill me trying to diminish NeNe’s role but you stay checking to see what she’s going to do and what she’s going to say. NeNe is no more insecure than these ladies acting desperate for a peach and a check. Claudia should feel blessed that NeNe made that ignorant comment. It’s the only reason anyone one is giving her some many keystrokes today.

  11. So you tweet that NeNe flaunts her career and money in everyone’s face and follow up to that by bragging about your own resume? I think this is my issue with Claudia and Kenya. They keep calling out NeNe about the things they do themselves. It’s a real pot meet kettle type of situation.

  12. I didn’t watch but I could see there’s more faux outrage again. And of course it’s always about what NeNe said, yet Kenya can call black women ghetto beasts and her stans don’t even bat an eye.

  13. I see this website likes Nene but one thing you can’t deny is Nene is damn petty and insecure.. I actually I wasn’t on anybody’s side on RHOA up until I watched last night and my conclusion is Pheadra And Nene are intimidated by any woman with good looks. The way they came for Demetria was completely unnecessary. I’m glad Claudia called them out on it.

    1. So are you just as angry about Kenya calling Nene a ghetto beast or nah? Are you just as mad at Claudia making fun of dark skinned women and calling saying one looks like a monkey, or nah? You’re transparent as hell. Sit all the way down. Point me to a post on here when you actually called someone out besides Nene. I’ll wait.

    2. “I see this website likes Nene but one thing you can’t deny is Nene is damn petty and insecure.. ” >>> That can be said about everyone on the show. And ain’t y’all are tired bragging about other people’s looks like that means something in the real world? Yeah Claudia and Kenya are pretty, but where has it gotten them? RHOA? Celebrity Apprentice? Nene doesn’t need to be jealous of their looks, her resume puts both of their careers to shame and she’s the ugly one, right?

      1. But why is this even about resumes and looks. At the end of the day everyone has had their moment but Nene is consistent with her patty mean girl ways and it’s not becoming. She was just all huggy huggy with Kenya what? Two episodes before and on the next episode it was like “sike, u thought u had a friend”. Maybe Kenya had it coming but if you the preaching that you don’t need to be nasty and mean because your resume makes you better but yet you on the same damn show with the ones you are putting down being nasty, mean and heartless and for what. This show is the only reason why anyone even knows her and it has gotten her far and that’s great but why is she better. This is what Claudia and Kenya is trying to use it as a platform and to pay bills just like she did at one point.

        1. LOL oh please. Again, where was your outrage when NeNe calmed down on the Kenya shade and Kenya kept calling her a moose in interviews and confessionals? Like I said, y’all are transparent!! Y’all don’t really have a problem with people being mean on this show, y’all just have a problem when NeNe does it. As nasty as everyone has been, the only time y’all call foul is when it’s NeNe. And I will continue not to take this fake outrage seriosuly.

    3. Bullsh-t. I’ve been watching since season one, Nene has got into it with ugly and attractive people. To say she doesn’t like Kenya and Claudia because they’re pretty is dumb. Nene doesn’t like people who don’t kiss her butt. So if you’re going to tell the tea, be sure you’re on point dear. Also, what is Kenya insecure about then? Kenya came on the show starting problems with Cynthia and Porsha. What is Claudia insecure about? She came on starting problems with Porsha too. Is she not considered insecure because she’s pretty? Total nonsense. This isn’t about looks. This is about everyone trying to keep their spots on the show. Even Cynthia has changed. I think everyone is being messy because they know that’s what ratings depend on. And we’re all to blame for that being true.

      1. I could kiss you right now!!!!!!! This is the realist comment on this whole article!!!!!!! Every last one of these broads has changed for the worst, and it’s because Bravo told them to turn up or lose their spots!!!!! And here we are supporting this. Smh.

  14. I just realized what she said in that tweet. If she was so unbothered by NeNe’s comment why was she going on about how hurtful the comment was? NeN’se a basic broad but that basic broad is responsible reviving Claudia’s career.

  15. I question how any of you can like any of these women. All of them are vile. ALL OF THEM. Y’all can reply to me all you want, but it’s true.

  16. People need to dead this Team Pretty thing. Claudia is not pretty, Demetria is ok and Porsha is stunning. Kenya and Cynthia are pretty. Kandi is cute. NeNe and Phaedra are ok.

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