NeNe Leakes Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” veteran NeNe Leakes is very proud of her Broadway debut in “Cinderella” but the reality star hasn’t had much time to enjoy the gig thanks to rumors on the blogs.

Some sites were claiming NeNe’s debut tanked and ticket sales were dismal, but NeNe took to her Twitter account to set the record straight (read tweets from top to bottom):

nene leakes twitter


  1. *snaps fingers* Oh UB y’all have to get on Twitter and see that account NeNe has been tweeting to. I don’t know who Claudia pissed off, but someone created a Twitter account to spill all her tea. I have been sipping for two days now. The little outrage her, Kenya and Brandon tried to blow up about the half breed comment is really coming back to bite Claudia in the tail. Whoops!!!

    1. I don’t even think it’s the half breed fake outrage thing. People are really just fed up and tired of Kenya and her stans. They try to call out everyone else for stuff like Kenya and her cronies are so innocent. It’s annoying and people are not having it anymore.

    2. I saw those tweets. Claudia better stop listening to Kenya and stop the victim act. It won’t end well for her if she doesn’t.

    3. I knew things would play out like this. People are tired of Kenya and her team pretending to be victims and Nene the big bad witch. All of them have hit below the belt and will continue to do so for ratings. Their need to constantly single out Nene when they have said and done things just as vile has hurt them.

    1. To piggyback off what someone on here said regarding this, it’s because she’s a beautiful dark skinned woman with long hair. So many of us have been brainwashed to believe that dark skinned women can’t be gorgeous and grow long hair. So to see someone like Kenya, some people are really in awe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people on YouTube say black women can’t grow long hair. I bet if Kenya was light skin with long hair, most of the people who ride so hard with her wouldn’t be able to stand her.

      1. Uh oh. Let me see if someone gets in their feelings and comes after you for this like they come for me over every little thing I say about their god Kenya. *sits*

        1. Come for me for what? I only stated what I have observed on forums, Twitter and blogs. Her fans have said this much. And if you don’t like her (I have no problem with her), they say it’s because you’re ugly and bald headed. It’s very weird.

          1. Oh I know. That’s what they say to me all the time on here. And if they don’t come out and say it, they hint at it like the person from yesterday. They lack all logic and common sense.

          2. Yeah I Said It, don’t think “logic”, and/or “common sense” are two words that can ever be associated with Kenya’s stans. They’re rabid where she and any criticism of her is concerned! Someone should do a thesis…her stans would make a fascinating case study.

        1. Why would I wish/want for Kenya’s fans to be so superficial and dense about dark skinned women? That’s the last thing I want for my people but it’s a reality. We still have issues with skin tone. And that’s sad.

  2. I blame Kenya. She made Nene relevant again and should have ignored her so she would have gotten fired last season. Look at Kenya giving these girls renewed lives when they were on their way out the door. She can be so thoughtful and giving.

    1. I see you’re reading from the same “Book of Lies” as Kenya when she swore to the rest of Celebrity Apprentice last night that her a-s was real. smdh!

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