Safaree Sets the Record Straight on Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Earlier this morning., Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels decided to give the Breakfast Club an interview, and he intended to set the record straight regarding his breakup with Nicki Minaj and her rumored new romance with Meek Mill.

In the interview, the rapper’s ex talked about dealing with her slamming him on social media and just how instrumental he was to her success.

Here are the highlights of the interview.

On his role in Nicki’s rap career:

“Everything. Decisions weren’t made without me, you know that was my soul mate. People thought, ‘Oh, I was just her hype man or whatever.’ Nah, me and her was the ones calling all the shots.”

Safaree claims he met Nicki while they were in a rap group years ago, and it’s his respect for their history that is keeping him from putting her on blast:

“I could be out here telling a million stories and doing cornball sh*t like that, but I’m not gonna do that. I never would do that. I just think it’s crazy for her to come out now…Who you with, that don’t mean nothing to me.

“I walked away. I’m the one who packed my stuff.”

On why they broke up, he says:

“It just got to the point where the respect was gone. You know, I don’t want to get too deep into all of that. It’s just everyone around her works for her…It got to the point where it was like, I’m your man, I’m the one you go to sleep with every night. I’m who you wake up with every morning. It got to the point where, I was being treated like an employee. Instead of like her man. After awhile, I’m like ‘alright’.”

He also says he never understood why they had to keep the relationship a secret from the public:

“I didn’t understand that…To me, I’m like there’s no way people don’t really know. I just never understood that.”

Safaree also says he’s the one who introduced Nicki to Meek Mill:

“Yeah, but if that’s who she decides to move on with then, it is what it is. I’m not mad, I’m not bitter cuz if I wanted to make it work, I could’ve made it work.”

On Nicki making fun of his rapping abilities recently:

“Don’t say, Oh I don’t have no talent. Every time it came to writing raps and doing music, it was me, her and a beat. She doesn’t do it by herself. Don’t discredit me for what I’ve done with you. That’s weak.

“Yo, everybody gets help and there’s nothing wrong getting help. I’m not saying I’m biting, I’m not saying I’m the originator, this is something me and her did together. And that don’t take away from what she’s done. She’s still the top of her league.”

SB also feels it’s not too soon for him to date because his split from Nicki happened four months ago.

Check out the video below:


  1. Call me crazy but I actually respect his responses and can understand where he’s coming from. I can tell he’s the one who walked away. They should both probably stop talking about the relationship and move on.

    1. And she shouldn’t. Even her own stans are telling her to chill out and let him be. He did a lot for her. She needs to remember that.

      1. Yeah I can’t defend what Nicki is doing to him. I don’t know what happened, but he was there for her 12 years. I don’t think it’s cool that she’s making fun of him like she doesn’t still love him.

  2. Before I watched this I had already had it set in my mind that this was going to be BS and SB was going to be bashing Nicki but he never did that he handled himself well. He brought up some good points like why is Nicki trying to clown and pull him down after being together for like 10+ years. That made me think everything Fendi said was probably right. It’s always 3 sides to a story but I respect him FOR NOW because he could really clown and blast Nicki he knows all her secrets and haven’t really said anything while she clowning him at every chance she gets I like Nicki but she needs to smarten up. He might not plan to blast her but if she keep it up she can drive him to it.

  3. I heard the entire interview and I don’t feel there was any disrespect on his part. I actually respect the way he handled it, hopefully Nicki keeps it classy. Now Meek, I’m not so sure about his real intentions. Something tells me he sees Nicki as a come up opportunity. Hope I am wrong.

  4. First, Happy Founders Day Amanda/UB!!!!!! OO-OOP!!!!!! Ok. Had to get that out the way first. But Safaree is handling this very well. He could have blasted her and spilled her tea, but he hasn’t and I doubt he will. Now if only Nicki will be just as respectful.

  5. Charlamagne is not low, ever since Nicki came at him for dissing Andaconda he’s been trying to expose her. Its not right but I guess its how the game is

  6. I respect that he didn’t get messy. But I do believe he’s completely tired of Nicki. It’s sad but when you realize someone isn’t for you, you have to move on no matter how long you tried to ignore it.

  7. Nicki Like dust balls that’s why. Sb is humble, probably too humble. Meek is one of those rappers that no matter how much chains he wears or haircuts he get he will always look dusty, he just got that dirty street dude look to him every single time( I do enjoy some of his blabbering music time to time)

    But when he said Fame & Money, you can’t price on a peace of mind. Honey, you ain’t never lie! I just wish he was a little more articulate

  8. Nicki deserves to be dragged by this man though. She is on Twitter calling him all kinds of corny and talking about how she saved him. but he wrote her damn raps. Bish needs to eat an entire humble pie.

  9. I feel him though. I can’t stand when I break up with a dude and then gets on Facebook and starts trying to trash me. That’s immature and a sign that he wasn’t for me anyway. I know Nicki is just hurt he left but she needs to stop trying to make him look stupid because it’s just backfiring.

  10. She did treat him like her employee though but he helped her get to where she is now. If you don’t respect your partner, they will leave and find someone who will. I hope she learned from this but I doubt she did because now she’s all in Meek Mill’s face and he’s a huge downgrade.

  11. I just watched the interview on youtube last night and he seems like a good guy. He was very respectful of Nicki despite all that she has said about him.

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