NeNe Leakes Thinks Claudia & Kenya Are Conspiring to Take Her Down + Claudia Gets Exposed

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Claudia Jordan got her peach because she had no problems going after NeNe Leakes as a RHOA newbie, but NeNe thinks Claudia was hired from day one as some elaborate plan crafted by Kenya Moore to take her down.

In a new blog post, NeNe writes:

“The Thirst Is Real” and it’s sad to me that some folks are so attention starved that they waste their time and efforts conspiring on how to bring me down and constantly making me the topic of their conversations and social media posts. Focusing on the career they claim to have and creating their own achievements should be a much better place of their focus.

Trust this…. I get it and if you watch closely, you will get it too. You never even get to see the behind the scenes puppet masters either yet they like to shift the blame this way! Luckily I am in a place in my life right now that is awesome and I don’t plan on ever going backwards for anyone. I know who I am, I know my purpose in life, yet I know people wanna see you stoop to their level, they wanna see you fail, they want you to help make them relevant but this beast won’t EVER be entertaining you. If I never knew who I was, this experience has taught me that I am Nene Leakes! Yesssss, hunni.


NeNe also once again makes it clear that she isn’t ashamed of her stripper past, and she’s unfazed that her time as a dancer was used by Claudia as an insult.

In related news, ever since Claudia, Kenya, and Brandon hopped on Twitter to express their outrage over NeNe’s “halfbreed” comments, apparently someone who had old issues with Claudia has been digging up old dirt.

Specifically, an older video of Claudia making some tasteless jokes about dark-skinned people has been making rounds on social media for the past two days:

In the video, she says:

“I really didn’t think it was a good idea with all these Black people walking around…. cause Black on Black it’s hard to see.

“I can’t really see who’s who in all Black. I can only see the Beige people like Cecily, Jason, Janlan, (Kinda) Tina, Myself…

“Everybody else I only see teeth and eyes. So whatever…”


And if that’s not enough, an older video of Claudia going in on Tiny Harris  also isn’t helping her mean girl shamming of NeNe Leakes either.

In the video, Claudia says the following about Tiny (who later asked for VH1 to make her a cohost on her short lived talk show “Tiny Tonight”:

“Is anybody else concerned about the fact that he’s willing to pay 3 million dollars just to be in a house alone with Tiny? I’m just saying….

“She escaped the pretty line…..I wouldn’t know whether to lube up or put a nickel in her back….

“None of y’all would f*ck her, be honest. At least not from the front.”


Tiny didn’t find the comments funny though (screen obtained by The Shade Room):

tiny claudia beef


We’ve also noticed that there are several Twitter accounts posting some rather scandalous accusations regarding Claudia’s past in the industry. We’re not so sure Claudia could have imagined her showdown with NeNe would turn into an outpour of her own alleged demons.


Claudia has since apologized for both videos.


  1. I see UB is going to have a heart and not post those tweets about Claudia being an old indutrsy hoe. The person has receipts too. Lol! Anyway, like I said people are tired of Kenya and “Team Pretty’s” crap. It was only a matter of time before people started spilling their tea too.

  2. I can’t feel sorry for anyone who has aligned themselves with a woman who calls other black women beasts so calmly. I do not feel anything for Claudia right now. She can cry all day long on the radio about this, but these videos prove what people on here have been saying all along. Neither her or Kenya are any better than NeNe. And that’s always been the case.

    1. That’s what they do though. Their husband can be a convicted criminal and they will still brag about having a huzzband. LOL.

  3. Exposed? UB Claudia has always been a piece of sh-t. If NeNe is a mean girl, then Claudia is an evil b-tch. She’s done so much f-cked up sh-t to other people that I can’t even take anyone defending her seriously.

  4. I love it. Kenya and them have played the victim card way too much and now their mouths have wrote a check they can’t cash. Expose all these frauds. All of them are trash.

    1. Whatever. At the end of the day, NeNe has never tried to hide who she is. She doesn’t throw rocks and hide her hands. She doesn’t do dirt and then preach against being mean. She own her messiness. When will Kenya? When will Claudia?

    2. Girl you know I love you but be for real only reason she apologized because she is doing damage control. Don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical of how she talks about the other girls being messy and catty and she ain’t no better judging from these videos. Not to mention she trying to talk about Nene’s comment which yes she was wrong but Claudia ain’t no saint and she has sad some insensitive things as well. Not to mention she sat on Tiny’s show like they were so cool and knew she had talked about her like a damn dog before.

  5. Nene knows the game. It’s so obvious Bravo hired Claudia to team up with Kenya and give her hell. It’s not hard to see. That is why I can’t even help but laugh when Claudia acts like she has no idea why Nene was never here for her. Why would she be? You’re there to start problems.

  6. Claudia says she thinks NeNe is the one who dug up the videos but that just tells me she’s just as delusional as Kenya. She just doesn’t understand that there were a lot of people who knew her dirt before RHOA and never cared for her. So the moment she tried to act all holier than thou on TV, they got on YouTube and reminded her of who she really is. Claudia has never been a nice person.

    1. Thank you. Claudia’s reputation was in the gutter well before RHOA. I remember the LSA threads about her from years ago. The fact that she believes NeNe is responsible for this “conspiracy” proves just how pressed and thirsty she really is. Those videos were on Youtube well before she was in the running to be a “housewife.” She should have cleaned her own closet before checking someone else’s.

    2. She knows Nene didn’t put this out here, she’s just saying that to try once again to get the victim label. She’s just like Kenya.

  7. And I don’t feel sorry for Claudia at all. Those videos are exactly who she is. Now this trifling chick sat right in front of Tiny like a fake b-tch knowing damn well she was talking sh-t about her.

  8. Damn she went all the way in on Tiny and Tiny is the one who really went above and beyond to get her a spot on her show. But that’s just my whole thing with this Team Pretty stuff. Kenya and Claudia are the type of women who will talk so much junk about another woman they don’t think is pretty. I bet you they were the mean girls in high school. You can tell by how quickly they come up with these nasty nicknames for NeNe and everyone else that they have lots of experience going after other women.

    1. TI is her husband and she is the mother to his children. They have been together for a good stretch and although they may be going through whatever, it is no different than a regular person without the entertainment behind their name. Regardless, they are not divorced and though they may be separated…or not, it’s still her husband.

    1. For god’s sake – really? That you reduce their lives to being about looks rather than accomplishments, says a lot about how f-cked up your mentality is. Seriously, just stop…you sound like a damn idiot!

    2. But y’all only like Kenya and Claudia because they’re pretty. Neither has any redeemable qualities, so y’all only brag about their looks. I mean didn’t y’all even come up with the Team Pretty thing too? Just saying.

    3. Who cares about pretty when you have absolutely no substance! None of the ladies on the show are ugly. None are just out right gorgeous either. Each are individually perfected. This sounds like elementary or junior high talking about they don’t like them because they are prettier. Pretty don’t match none of the pockets that Nene, Kandi or Phaedra have and truth be told, Porsha ain’t doing bad herself. Get real and twirl on that!

  9. I didn’t know she was like that. Wow… makes me look at her completely different. I’m no Kenya fan but I liked Claudia since we have a similar background (I’m mixed). I have never talked down to anyone about their skin tone, my father has beautiful chocolate skin tone as do my aunts and uncles. Claudia should really look in the mirror and think about where she came from.

  10. Deep down inside Claudia and Kenya are bothered Nene started from reality TV to real actress whose credits include Fox, NBC and Broadway and they ended up where she started. I know it makes them mad to realize the one person they keep trying to make fun of is doing better than them. I even see people say it on Twitter. They can’t stand Nene and can’t understand how she got to where she did. It makes people mad.

  11. I really don’t like Claudia. She keeps saying these videos are sooo old and irrelevant, so I take it she’s really not sorry she said these things. Just sorry she got caught.

  12. What she said about Tiny was disgusting. Just as disgusting as Nene calling her a half breed. These women are sick and terrible human beings to treat each other so badly.

  13. I just find it odd that Kenya says she’s the queen but her whole storyline and Claudia’s whole existence revolves around Nene.

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