Hypocrisy? Wale Curses out a Female Fan

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Wale got a lot of praise the other day when he penned a heartfelt blog on Necole B*tchie about black women needing more positive representation in the media and music.

In the writeup, the rapper reminisces on an earlier time when the industry strived to put out more diverse and positive images of women of color.

He writes:

My question is: What happened to Hollywood?

I remember Lisa Bonet and a plethora of other beautiful Black women on “Different World.” I remember princess Jada [Pinkett]. I used to daydream about her. I was only in elementary school but when I first saw Jada I was in love. Nothing about this princess screamed, “Sex!” My mind was allowed to play with the idea of what lies under this fully clothed “around the way” girl. True, perhaps a child shouldn’t have such fantasies but that’s besides the point.

Black women were represented in such a way that they were not hyper-sexualized objects created by doctors with the sole intent to take pictures, just to add on even more enhancements- be it Photoshop or an abundance of makeup with a sprinkle of good lighting.

When Jeremih and I did a video for my single,”The Body,” it hurt my soul coming to the realization that there is hardly any positivity in Black Hollywood.


Interestingly enough, apparently the same day his blog went viral, he reportedly cursed out a female fan for complaining about him showing up late to a performance (screenshots obtained by Hip Hop Vibe):

wale curse out fan
wale curse out fan 2


  1. I don’t even understand why he went off on her like that. All she said was that it was lame of him to be late. Why call her a b-tch?

  2. Sigh…I like his music but his personality leaves so much to be desired. Why write a blog about how you miss black women being treated positively in the media just to be so nasty to one when you think no one is watching? He needs to grow up and stop being so emotional.

  3. And this is why people don’t respect him. He always acts like he doesn’t know why people ain’t feeling him it’s because of things like this. Wale can be the sweetest and then he can act like such an a-s and this is why I can never fully root for him.

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