The Latest Gossip on Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Pop star Rihanna’s love life keeps her in the headlines even when she doesn’t have an album out, and now it’s being speculated that she may have a budding romance with A-List actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The twosome have been spotted at the same parties as of late, and some tabloids are claiming they were even spotted kissing recently.

Mirror Online writes:

A source said: “It was over the new year that things really started heating up. By this weekend, a lot of people were already talking about them being an item.”

They pair have been spending more and more time together over the past few years, since Leo was a guest at Rihanna’s Halloween party in 2012.

They also attended two parties together last year, including Rihanna’s afterparty following the Met Gala, and a club night with Katy Perry.

Last August, Rihanna gushed that her life mantra is a quote by Leo, and told Elle magazine she lives by his ethos: “Avoid obviousness.

“That is a quote by Leonardo DiCaprio, ” she continued. “That’s what makes you create something, that’s the excitement, that’s the thrill.”


We’re still not so sure we believe these two are dating just yet, so we’ll see what happens.


      1. I honestly think she would be better with a normal guy like a business man someone low key. Just my opinion.

  1. Can he even handle Rih though? He doesn’t seem like the type to date women with strong personalities.

  2. I’ve been saying she should find a Caribbean man,but that won’t happen easy because they’re not light skin. I thought she would be with someone like Usain Bolt. Both of them or sign to Puma now,but it won’t happen. Bolt is too dark.
    its a Bajan thing.Leo will look like Marlon Brando in 10 yrs. As someone said

  3. none of those a Lister white man will ever married a black woman but they will date one when they’re on the come up.

    1. …Robert DeNiro? George Lucas? Sh-t, more A list white men wife black (and I mean BLACK) women than A list black men.

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