NeNe Leakes’ Son Has More Legal Troubles

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes’ acting career may be taking off, but the reality star has some personal life drama to worry about these days.

According to reports, NeNe’s son Bryson is having more legal problems.

Apparently being arrested for reckless driving back in 2013 has produced a string of legal woes for Bryson.

Radar Online writes:

Bryant was ordered to undergo random alcohol and drug testing. However, not only did he fail to report to his probation officer four times in 2014; but also, he tested positive for c*caine, refused to pay fines of more than $1,200, and skipped mandatory DUI school. As a result, the young father was ordered to serve three months in jail starting in September and was released just two days before Thanksgiving on November 25, 2014.

In a decision that undoubtedly put a damper on Leakes’ holiday plans, when Bryson’s stint behind bars came to an end he wasn’t technically a free man just yet.

According to the court paperwork filed on Jan. 13, 2015, he was also ordered to check into “intensive” residential rehab for a minimum of six weeks!


  1. Radar has been on Kenya’s team for a good minute now. I’m not surprised they put this out. Nene’s son is a grown man who makes his own decisions.

    1. Everybody who is famous has reports about what their kids are doing when they get into this kind of trouble whether it’s NENE or not. When Michael Jackson’s daughter tried to commit suicide they reported it. I doubt the blogger was like Nene and Kenya don’t like each other, lets put Nene son on blast. I have been a reader of blogs. I never comment, nor do I invest so much into who is wrong but I notice every post whether it be about Nene or Kenya, the comments always, always brings the other person out. How about this post has nothing to do with Kenya, nor does a post about Kenya’s life have anything to with Nene. Yall are fighting and taking shots harder than they are.

      1. Leena Rose? It sounds like you. Look, I stand by what I said. Radar Online is notorious for picking sides and being on people’s payrolls. They do Kim K’s dirty work on a daily basis, and they have NEVER, EVER posted anything negative about Kenya. Yet you’ll find numerous negative posts about Porsha, NeNe and Phaedra on there daily. Common sense is all I’m typing. And miss me with that other gibberish you typed. On any RHOA posts, other housewives will be mentioned if we feel like doing so. If you don’t like it, you may as well stop visiting blogs because people do that on every blog. And no, we’re not on here going harder than they are. Kenya uses her platform to call other black women ghetto beasts and animals. Claudia uses her fame to make fun of dark skinned women and to call black men monkeys. Nene is talking about people’s v-ginas. We have a ways to go if we want to go harder than them. So just stop and get off your soapbox ASAP.

        1. LOL @Yeah I said It! No that wasn’t me but I totally agree with her and I choose not to comment because the people who comment on these posts are too in their feelings and I am not as knowledgeable about who says what in the past and whose team is what. I tend to comment on what the post is about and my opinion but everyone has an opinion. I am not as invested so there is no need for me to post if I’m gonna get came at sideways over something so petty. This is the most volatile of any debates I have ever been in over anything and this is a TV show. I’ll pass..

          1. You mean you agree with yourself. You’re a terrible liar. Ask yourself why you’re so bothered by me and these RHOA comments that you have to change your name on here just to cosign yourself? Take Chelly’s advice and start skipping RHOA posts all together if you’re that disturbed. UB posts things non RHOA related every single day. You can comment on those, yet I don’t see you on there. No one is forcing you to read these RHOA posts or the comments. You’re doing so because deep down inside you’re bothered and can’t help yourself. And for someone who claims not to be so invested, here you are yet again in these comments worried about us and more particularly ME. You’re really no better than us. You’re such a hypocrite and very annoying. Now stop inventing new names and personas on here to address me like a coward. Thanks.

      2. But who is forcing you to read the RHOA posts on here? You can always skip them, like any sane person who doesn’t like RHOA comments. If you keep reading UB’s RHOA posts, it’s safe to assume you enjoy reading the comments you’re complaining about.

  2. He’s an adult now, so his troubles are his, not Nene’s. But check Kenya and Clawdia’s stans come frothing at the mouth about what a bad mother Nene is. Wait for it…

    1. I hope not because both of them said out their own mouths that their own mothers were terrible. They need to mind their business and worry about their own childhood issues.

      1. I’d only that were true. Funky Dineva just posted a blog slamming Nene’s parenting. Because obviously a grown a-s man can’t make his own decisions, and his f-ck ups are a direct reflection of his mother’s poor parenting. *rolls eyes*

    2. Oh please believe this will be talking points and shade references at the reunion for Claudia and Kenya. And when Nene gets pissed and hits under the belt like they do, both of them will cry foul and call Nene a mean girl.

      1. And demand her to apologize even though they refuse to apologize to her for any of the foul ish they have said and continue to say about her.

        1. You mean like last night when Nene apologized, and Clawdia kept chewing on the “Victim Bone”, swearing she hadn’t hit below the belt too? Lord, she gets on my nerves!

  3. Sad but when you become an adult, you’re responsible for your decisions. He’s doing this stuff because he wants to. So let’s hold him accountable.

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