Safaree Samuels Has Had Enough of Nicki Minaj’s Fans

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s breakup with longtime boo Safaree Samuels played out in her new music and social media, and SB decided to address the tension in an exclusive interview with the Breakfast Club recently.

In the interview, Safaree claimed he played a huge role in Nicki’s success, and some even speculated he was low-key making it known he wrote some of her lyrics.

Needing to clear up the confusion, SB tweeted the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

safaree twitter 2

safaree twitter


  1. Lawd the barbs are about to drive this man to a nervous breakdown. He should just take a break from Twitter.

  2. Wait! But didn’t he say that it was the two of of them sitting with pen and paper listening to the beats together? Hes backtracking like crazy. I guess Nene’s lawyer wasn’t the only one serving papers. Lol!

  3. Why are Nicki’s fans dragging him? He was with her before they even knew her and still hasn’t trashed when he could. Let him be.

  4. I’m not understanding why Nicki fans are dragging SB he really didn’t say anything disrespectful about her in that interview. All he said was he would help her write her raps what’s wrong with that. I’m pretty sure almost all artist get input and help with whatever they write and Nicki ain’t no exception. Chill out Barbs.

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