Nicki Minaj Being Petty?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With Nicki Minaj’s breakup with Safaree Samuels being the highlight of her new music and broadcasted by both on their social media accounts, it’s probably not a shocker that the rapper is now seemingly using social media to get even with her ex too.

Apparently some are thinking she only posted that cutesy photo of her and Meek Mill to Instagram last night because she was salty SB posted the following photo first:

sb instagram

sb instagram 2


  1. Nicki needs to let it go. If that man wants to move on, then accept it and stop being childish. And I’m laughing at her thinking she’s using Meek when Meek is clearly using her for exposure he could never get on his own. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Meek Mill on the white blogs.

  2. Nicki out here looking dumb as sh-t. Meek Mill ain’t nobody to be cheesing about. And if you’re going use a man to make you ex jealous, at least make sure he isn’t some clown a-s n-gga.

  3. She clearly isn’t over SB because everything she does with Meek is a reaction to something SB does. People have figured out this game Nicki is playing and people are laughing at her. Meek ain’t nobody prize girl try again.

    1. And I think that’s just it. Nicki wants SB to cut up and go off because then she will know he still cares. But he won’t give her that. He’s staying respectful and moving on with his life and she’s hurt.

  4. She’s just mad he got fed up with her sh-t and moved the f-ck on. She can date Meek’s crusty a-s if she wants to. He’ll blast her on Twitter after they fall out like he’s done Rihanna and his own baby mama. He’s trash.

  5. Hindsight is 20/20. I agree with Barbee in that Nicki is wanting a reaction out of SB and is hurt as a result of not getting it. SB is able to move on and let go because he’s fed up and over it. Nicki has got to understand the difference between that and being an attention-seeker. This isn’t a good look for her. Deal how you deal but please deal in private.

  6. I think Nicki has an Ego. She still loves that man and will probably take him back but she wants him to be the one going back to her.

  7. I’m actually embarrassed for Nicki. She’s trying so hard to hurt SB but he really doesn’t give a damn about what she’s doing with Meek. He’s much happier without her because she treated him like sh-t and always emasculated him in front of people.

    1. Spot on!! Her ego is so bruised, she can’t believe he left her, and won’t take her back. He is done with her – covering those tats he had of her on him sealed the deal. Once a man leaves a controlling woman like her- they never look back.

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