Teyana Taylor Checks Porsha Williams

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams understands hot phrases penned by reality stars can translate into a successful T-shirt line, so the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is now hoping to throw her hat in the ring full of celebrity owned clothing lines.

Apparently Porsha figured she’d start off selling a shirt that says “#Unbothered” but when Teyana Taylor got word of Porsha’s new merchandise, she checked her in the comment section of the Instagram advertisement (screenshot obtained by Fameolous):

porsha williams teyana taylor instagram

Here’s a glimpse of Teyana’s line:

teyana shirt


  1. Teyana is a dumba-s. You can’t trademark something as generic as unbothered. I see she’s feeling herself after that flop album of hers.

  2. Well if it ain’t trademarked it’s still up for grabs. But if it is Porsha needs to take it down and instead of Teyana making a comment she should have had her lawyer send something to Porsha. Come on now you want a legitimate business handle your business professionally.

    1. Teyana copyrighted the name but didn’t trademark it. So Porsha can use the phrase as much as she wants, once hers doesn’t directly copy Teyana’s. Learn the law before you make yourself look stupid, Teyana.

  3. Teyana needs to just stop. I doubt she trademarked Unbothered. This is the same chick who took forever to release an album. She’s a cool chick but she’s never really been focused or about her business.

    1. I have to agree Teyana is very talented and her album blew me away it was really good but she is lazy she is not ambitious enough. I didn’t even know she had a clothing line until I seen her clapback at Porsha.

    1. How is she losing? Teyana is just blowing hot air, she couldn’t sue and win against Porsha if she tried. My girl is staying on her grind, like Nene showed her.

  4. So now Teyana wants to have a clothing line but she can’t even get her music career right? LMAO. I guess.

  5. Teyana didn’t come up with unbothered. That was in the dictionary before she even had a record deal. Girl sit down now. Get a NBA player to claim her and now she’s cutting up. LOL.

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