Nick Cannon is No Longer a Mariah Carey Fan

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey shocked many when they confirmed they were ending their marriage, but Nick promised he would see to it that things didn’t get nasty between them despite filing for divorce.

Interestingly enough, sources claim Nick made a scene when Mariah’s music was played at a recent event he attended.

US Weekly writes:

No longer a fan! Nick Cannon’s marriage to Mariah Carey is over, and so is his interest in hearing her catchy tunes. An insider tells Us Weekly that the America’s Got Talent host recently “flipped out” when one of her songs played at Chris Paul’s L.A. charity bowling tournament at AMF Bowl-o-Drome on Jan. 8.

“Nick looked irritated — he was cringing,” the source tells Us. “Nick had a publicist go over to the DJ and demand he stop playing Mariah’s tracks.”


  1. that’s what happens when u fk w/ males who are less than you, and u inflate their sense of self-worth and increase their value to their peers. mariah was stupid for that. i never cheered her on the way most of ya’ll did.

  2. LOL. Ok Nick. Mariah is the best you will ever do in your entire life. Good luck with that new management company tho…

  3. It’s ok because in a few years Mariah will just shake her head and say she doesn’t know him like she does J Lo.

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