Watch: Claudia Confronts Porsha, Again

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Clearly RHOA newbie Claudia Jordan came on the reality show with a savvy plan to get a peach by going toe to toe with NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams, so her feud filled storyline with both ladies continues as she has yet another run in with Porsha on tonight’s episode.

In the sneak peek, Claudia once again confronts Porsha, and it’s pretty obvious from the clip that Porsha just has no interest in speaking with Claudia.

Check out the video below:


  1. I wish Clawfoot would just STFU!!! For someone who prerends to be so damn #unbothered, she sure as hell likes to hold onto sh-t!

  2. Claudia is nothing but another Kenya. Her whole storyline is trying to start stuff with Nene and Porsha. I know they are tired of her because she’s always in their faces trying to “read” but then pretends to be a victim on Twitter.

  3. Ain’t nobody watching this sh-t tonight with The Grammys coming on. I’ll see these catty b-tches next week.

  4. GTFOH! So it’s ok for NENE to be ALL up in Everyone face but NO ONE CAN DEFEND THEMSELVES or be up in their faces??? FAWK dat we finally have someone with a back bone since Sheree left and people are still siding with NENE. GO HEAD CLAUDIA let dem know

    1. Girl calm the hell down. Claudia ain’t no damn angel. She’s out here calling black people apes and monkeys and ish but y’all love her because she doesn’t like Nene, right? Y’all are so laughable and pathetic. Y’all will root for a KKK member as long as they tell Nene her wig look like ramen noodles. Y’all are way too easy to impress. Claudia wouldn’t even like you in real life because she doesn’t do black women. LOL.

    2. I agree. I’m team Claudia. I used to like Porsha but she has changed and borrowed some of her nasty from NeNe. It is not a good look on her. She is coming across very ugly on TV. I really felt for Porsha when she was with that Ahole Kordell because I thought she was a very sweet naive girl who was being controlled by that troll of a husband but maybe this was her real personality all along.

  5. Claudia is such a fraud first she claimed she wanted to be Porsha’s friend but then tried to clown her in front of the other girls. Now she trying to act like everything is all good and lets be friendly BS. Those producers on RHOA kill me take Porsha’s peach away to give it to Claudia who has NO storyline but you continue to use Porsha and NeNe to give her one. Really Claudia,Cynthia,and Kenya have no storyline without Porsha, NeNe and Phaedra.

  6. I’m not rooting for Claudia anymore. She’s called black women way too many monkeys and gorillas for me to keep defending her. So let the dragging commence. I’m only defending Kenya from here on out.

  7. Can Clawdia take her clipins,drawstring buns & ponytails & go find her clit? She has no storyline Except Nene & Porsha. So,bye bearclaws.

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