Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While her husband Kanye West continues to be a target of criticism for ruining Beck’s big moment following winning Album of the Year at the Grammys, more snippets of Kim Kardashian’s interview with Love Magazine have been released and she has even more words for her critics.

In the interview, Kim denies her tape with Ray J made her famous but now she has words for those who constantly ask what it is that she actually does.

She says:

“When someone asks me, ‘What do you do?’ under my breath I want to say, ‘Ask my f—king bank account what I do.’ But I would never say that to someone’s face.”


  1. I love Kim but I hate the fact that she changes her personality to fit whoever she’s dating at the time. Now that she’s with Kanye, she wants to be all cocky and outspoken because that is who he is. It’s just not authentic.

    1. She sure does. She’s a different person in every relationship she’s in. The only constant is the fact that she cheats.

    2. I noticed this too. I think she does this because she has such low self esteem. The only thing she values is money and fame.

  2. B-tch, people since the dawn of time have laid on their backs, opened their legs, and made millions. You think that because one day you wake up and decide you want to be taken seriously, that folks are to forget you’re a porn star? I could give a rats a-s what your bank account looks like. You’re a whore who made her fortune off being peed on, and screwed in a video. Stop acting like suddenly you’re so above it all.

  3. Her sex tape and white privilege got her that bank account. Please tell me how Mimi Faust is doing since her tape was released????

    1. she never had a strategy. Kim mom went to work and market her a-s she turn lemon into lemonade. She thought she was just going to do sextape and endorsement start coming in ? This also proves that what is to be will be . this was Kim’s destiny.

      1. You’re a got damn lie. Mimi did have a strategy. She even had a publicist and a fake storyline on the most watched reality show. Yet, she’s still making pennies because she’s black, idiot. Kim’s show doesn’t even have good ratings and more people actually watch Love & Hip Hop yet Kim still gets more press because she’s a white woman. Kim would not be mainstream if she was black. I swear some black people are dumb as sh-t. How are you praising white privilege when you can’t even benefit from that sh-t yourself?

        1. “How are you praising white privilege when you can’t even benefit from that sh-t yourself?” – STANDING OVATION

      2. Got you but her white privilege played a huge role in her career. Why wasn’t Ray J paid the same amount as her? That’s the point I’m trying to make. If she was a black Kim with a sex tape I don’t think she would have gone as far as she did.

      3. LMAO. You’re talking like Kim got an endorsement with Pepsi or Covergirl. Promoting waist trainers and bootleg diet pills doesn’t pay much.

      4. Kim turned lemons into lemonade? Umm she made the sex tape on purpose. Her and her momma leaked it. This was always the plan.

  4. Yes b-tch tell them.they hate what she does but look how many trying to use the blue print. hypocrites i say. Every tom d-ck and harry now want a reality show,yet they were all hating on the Kardashians. If all these b-tches could show up at a club,or fashion and get thousands of dollars they would. if they could tweet a product and get paid they would. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Kim is doing it the American way. Capitalism at work she has something to sell and the world is buying look at her bank account. I respect kim hustle woman like kim could just sit down and look pretty all day and get a man to take care of her,but she’s always hustling . People need to stop trying to knock her hustle and get their’s up.

    1. You’re such a fraud. You originally came on here being a Rihanna stan but now you’re on here praising Kim for capitalizing off white privilege when Rihanna literally has to work her a-s off to be on top. I hope your simple a-s ain’t black. Idiot.

    2. Speak for yourself, sis. Not everyone wants to be Kim. She’s not respected and she has to pose naked every other week to stay relevant. Her mom is trash and her family is a hot mess. Oh and she is married to Kanye. Nah, I’m good. I’d rather be an actual celebrity and be respected and make money without having to make a fool out of myself. And I think most people agree.

    3. Who are you calling a b-tch, thot? You may idolize this porn star but my parents taught me to aim higher in life. Your parents failed you.

  5. This doesn’t apply or fit and is just plain oh rachet but what the hell. B**** smd……. foh Kim, and I like you that’s the worst part.

  6. And by her saying this she just confirmed what everybody already knew that she will lay on her back or do anything for the right price.

  7. Really, No one is asking what she does. That sex tape of hers made it very clear to all of us. And in case anyone was still wondering what it is that this attention wh*re does, her latest nude pictures on LOVE magazine cleared any doubts.

  8. Kim is talking sh-t like she has Warren Buffet or Oprah’s bank account. Hell even Jay Z and Beyonce have more money. And Kanye just said he lost a lot of money on his failed fashion ventures. And ain’t she still living with her momma? Girl stop.

  9. All money ain’t good money. Not everyone respects what Kim does. I sure don’t. I can’t relate to laying on my back and taking nude pictures to pay my bills.

  10. Money is all Kim and her family care about. And that’s why their lives suck so much now. They don’t value anything else.

  11. Her bank account may be nice, but she’s still a joke. There’s no magazine she can cover or rapper she can marry to change that.

  12. Damn she’s dumb. I don’t think anyone with common sense is jealous of her. She has to stoop to low levels to make her money.

  13. Kim is what’s known in esoteric circles as a ‘new soul’. These entities have only had their first incarnation on earth and so are attracted to power, riches, position and the material baubles of mankind. Their life’s purpose amongst other things is to discover what truly makes them happy. This only comes with many many incarnations on this planet. They/Kim will discover through brutal experience that they/she will need to look somewhere other than power, riches, position to find the elusive happiness they/she seeks, unless they/she uses these material ‘advantages’ altruistically, for the good of mankind. So, maybe she needs to be cut some slack. She is after all still a baby in esoteric terms and is still in the first steps of learning.

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