Beyonce Shuts Down Fashion Show Rumors

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce has been the topic of discussion ever since Kanye West decided to make this year’s Grammys controversial, and now the superstar is a target of the tabloids once again because multiple sites are reporting the singer became annoyed when North West threw a temper tantrum during Kanye’s fashion show.

north tempter tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram/Kris Jenner

The singer was sitting next to Kim when the toddler had her fussy moment, and it didn’t take long for memes to go viral on Twitter and Instagram that poked fun at the situation.

However, Beyonce decided to subliminally shut down the false reports, and she made it clear she has nothing but love for North.

She posted the following to Instagram hours ago:

beyonce instagram

beyonce instagram 2


  1. And this is why Kim finally gave Kanye a chance. Without him, she’d never have this kind of access to Beyonce and all the other A listers. That man is getting used but he doesn’t mind it because he finally got the white woman he always wanted.

    1. I said the same thing man!!!! She only got with Kanye because of his connections. Without him, she would not have gotten a Vogue cover, she would not be taking pictures with Bey and Rih, and she wouldn’t still be relevant right now. She marries for fame. Not for love. And she needs to stop using her damn baby too.

  2. First off all why would tweedledee and tweedledum aka Kanye and Kim bring a toddler to a fashion show and expect her not to get aggravated smh. Also why are people talking about Beyonce looked annoyed if anything I think she was embarrassed for Kim and Kanye because they look like stupid parents once again. My thing is why didn’t anybody call out Anna Wintour hell she is the one that looked really annoyed not Beyonce.

    1. And in a baby-sized bullet proof vest, no less! No wonder the poor child was fussy. I’d want to kick their a-ses and throw a major tantrum too, if those two yahoos were my parents. #freebabynorth

      1. Yes the vest thing was just so weird and disturbing. They will make that baby wear the dumbest things for attention. Poor child.

  3. She needs to stop dealing with Kanye and his trashy wife. Her brand has taken a huge hit since he got with Kim. She was smart by avoiding her before but now it seems like Kim has finally gotten her way. Sad to see.

  4. North didn’t want to be there and that’s why she should have been backstage with her real mom…the nanny.

  5. I think this is precisely why the Carters don’t come around Kimye much. Anytime they do, there’s always a bunch of negative stories on the blogs I’m sure were sent in by PMK. Notice they don’t even say anything else about anyone else there like Rihanna, nope they always focus in on Beyonce.

  6. Beyonce is a Virgo. So she’s very good at being shady and someone as silly as Kim wouldn’t even catch it. I find it funny how she didn’t even mention Kim in this picture. She only focused on North.

  7. I really can’t stand Kanye anymore. Bey never had to deal with this kind stuff until he got with Kim. If he’s ok with Kim bringing him down, that’s fine. But now he’s dragging Beyonce and Jay into this. That’s not cool.

      1. I sure did. And I believe her. I mean they didn’t even go to the wedding. I think they only see Kanye as a business associate/Roc Nation artist. They will never be as close as they were to him because that would require Kim ruining them in the media.

      2. Chile….spill tea…What did Bibi say?

        I’m all for a little shade but would’ve preferred it if that sketel was cut, filtered, or Microsoft paint-brushed out! Better yet, the real gag should’ve been just a photo of Noarf & her pappy.

  8. I’m not a Bey stan but this is just so foul to me. It’s literally like Kim is forcing herself on her and she knows Bey won’t go off because she’s a nice person. Bey needs to start bringing Solange around.

  9. That child deserves better. Why won’t they just let her enjoy being a kid? She needs balance. At least with Blue she gets to do kid stuff in addition to showing up to award shows. All I see North do is take photo ops and attend events and she always looks upset.

  10. I’m sure Bey posting this made Kim’s entire life. She lives for validation from celebrities who actually have talent.

  11. Bey looks like she is being phony LMAO. She isn’t naturally smiling….she looks like she is smiling on the outside but in the inside screaming “HELP Get this bish and her child away from me at once”

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