Meek Mill Defends Flaunting Relationship with Nicki Minaj on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj still hasn’t confirmed that she’s more than friends with Meek Mill, but the rumored couple has been acting really cutesy on social media for the last couple of weeks.

That pretty much explains why Nicki made her ending with Safaree Samuels official by moving out of the mansion they shared, and Meek Mill is claiming her tough these days as well.

In fact, during a recent performance the rapper defended flaunting the romance on his Instagram account as of late.

He says:

“I really don’t be with all that Instagram sh*t. I don’t really be Instagraming my motherf*cking personal life, but Nicki that’s my motherf*cking baby.”

Check out the video below:


As for Nicki, she somewhat addressed the public’s interest in her rumored new romance and she wrote the following on Instagram:

Why do ppl invest so much time & energy into other peoples’ lives? Spend your time planning your future and living your dreams.


  1. Oh please no matter how she tries to spin this she looks super wack flaunting her relationship with Meek but barely claimed SB for 12 years that’s wack and people are calling her out about it.

    1. Thank you. And she’s only claiming him because he’s a rapper too. Everyone wants to be Jay Z and Beyonce now. Sh-t is lame as f-ck.

      1. Totally agree! Everybody is into building their brand and being the next power couple. But Jay and Bey worked for years to get where they are. They’re one of only a select few who get invited to the White House.

      2. It’s funny that you say this because I’ve been feeling the same way. Everyone is on this wannabe power couple trip and they aren’t taking the time to pair with the right person to make it happen.

  2. cant deny meek makes her glow though…seems like sb made her feel like a man and meek makes her feel like a woman. im just callin it like i see it

  3. I kinda like them together, I hear what everyone is saying how she never claimed SB but she’s quick to sort of flaunt Meek, but I think you learn from every relationship you’re in. I think she learned not claiming SB hurt their relationship and she doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice. They look happy

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