Tyga Criticizes Black People Amid Kylie Jenner Rumors + Talks Beef with Drake

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Social media has been blowing up ever since Amber Rose embarrassed Khloe Kardashian on Twitter, and the Twitter beef went down because Amber didn’t hold back when she addressed the alleged romance between Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

Tyga hit up the Breakfast Club this morning and he addressed the gossip and claims once again he has nothing going on with Kylie.

He says:

“I’m not dating Kylie, I just want to get that out of the way. I want to be clear to everybody that I didn’t leave my family to be with Kylie.

“Me and Chyna broke up almost to a year now. We decided to split to raise an emotionally stable kid.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner


He then blames TMZ for the reports suggesting he’s dating Kylie and he claims he was friends with the Kardashian/Jenner crew before he met Blac Chyna. Tyga also accuses TMZ of putting out stories about him and Kylie (fun fact, Kris Jenner is good friends with the site’s owner, Harvey). So when DJ Envy asked him why he won’t sue TMZ for defamation, Tyga says there’s no need because this is part of being famous.

Tyga then claims black people don’t understand his “friendship” with Kylie because in black culture, we don’t know how to just be friends with the opposite sex (this comes months after his interesting comments about black women). He says:

“In black culture, it’s different. If you hang around somebody you smashing them. White culture is different. Like they are really friends. They’re like, ‘this is my friend.’ It’s genuine and different. Like how we think is a little different with our mentality.

“For me, if I’m friends with her and I’m friends with her sister, ‘oh they hoes’ and we smashing them. No, we’re really friends. I respect her mom, I know her whole family.”

He also says Kylie is a good person and she was raised right and he’s never met someone like her before.

But when it comes to bad people, Tyga seems to think Drake fits the bill. On his feud with Drake, he says:

“I just don’t f*ck with him as a person just because of the experiences I’ve had with him personally. I’m not changing…I’m not going against who he is as a person to the public or his music or anything like that. His music is great.

“It’s not really a beef. Just personal experiences I had with him. Phone calls…and stuff like that. I feel like he’s a nice guy on the outside but he’s not genuine…he plays people left and right.”

But he did want to specify that he’s now on good terms with Nicki Minaj:

“I know when I did that interview, people said I was calling Nicki fake. Me and her didn’t get along at that moment. Me and Nicki got into it about something stupid. It was over a song. That’s what brothers and sisters do. I don’t have anything against Nicki. I f*ck with her 100 percent.”


Tyga confirmed the song responsible for the brief fallout with Nicki is “Truffle Butter.” Oh and he says he has no beef with Amber Rose.

Check out the video below:


  1. If he’s not dating her, why is he taking her out on double dates with other couples? Why did they dress alike on Halloween? Why does she travel with him alone? We’re not stupid Tyga.

  2. This dude really is a piece of self hating bullsh-t. Now why even point the finger at black people because you chose to be a pedophile? And yes, we can assume you’re f-cking this child because her fast a-s was on the show sliding down stripper poles like a pro before she even turned 13.

  3. He didn’t clap back at Amber because he knows she has receipts on him and Kylie. All she has to do is get Chyna to send the text messages. Too bad Khloe wasn’t as smart.

    1. No he don’t wanna mess with that south philly.. She probably won’t drag him out of respect for Chyna and her little boy. Amber is a really ride or die you want to have in your corner.

  4. Kim and her whole family have been hoeing before they were even “famous.” Kris f-cked OJ while she was married and Bruce was her side chick before she divorced their dad. Kim and Kourtney were hoes before they even turned 15, and there are even naked pictures out there of them with some older man in bed. Khloe was a groupie at the age of 13, and toured with G-Unit. Kendall will f-ck anyone who can get her modeling gigs. This is what this family does. That is why they don’t bat an eye at what Kylei is doing. It’s normal to them. So Tyga needs not to try to call black people hoes. The Kardashians wrioe the book on that sh-t yet he still on their d-ck.

  5. Why does he make everything about race? Does he hate being black that much? This dude has some serious issues.

  6. When in doubt blame the black people this is getting old. I don’t know why people are acting shocked I knew he was going to try to deny everything. Like he really going to admit he is sleeping with a 17 year old. But he did leave the door open because in the interview he does say if he does decide to start dating Kylie hint hint. He is still a disgusting pig and this interview was nothing but damage control.

  7. Like I said before, he won’t claim Kylie publicly until she turns 18. Then they will put out the typical Kardashian spin and brag about they were friends for years before they dated (translation: they were sleeping together for years). They did the same thing with Kim and Kanye. Turns out she was sleeping with Kanye while he was with Alexis and Amber.

  8. He and China were broken up a year ago, yetthey went to Kim and Kanye’s wedding as a couple. He ain’t smashing Kylie yet he wants folks to Google the age of consent in New York. The only way he’d know this is if he checked that info out himself!. Negro please sit your self-hating a-s down somewhere with that BS!

  9. She was raised right but she dropped out of school and f-cks grown a-s men? I guess she’s getting a pass for her trashy ways because she’s white. Tyga is such a sellout.

  10. He’s bragging about Kylie’s upbringing but that child had a p-nis birthday cake and he was cheesing while he passed her underaged tail a shot. All of that is on video too. I shudder at the fact that Tyga is someone’s father.

  11. Tyga thought being out with Kylie was going to be a cool come up until he started getting child molester status, now he is like Damn damn damn how do I flip this?

  12. I don’t understand what black people have to do with this. In one breath he blames TMZ and the next it’s our fault. What an idiot.

  13. How many more times will he talk about Drake? Drake’s career is where Tyga’s isn’t because all he does is run up behind the Kardashians and talk about Drake in all his interviews. And I don’t believe for a second he’s not with Kylie. Rarely will any man spend so much time with a female he’s not sleeping with.

  14. It’s just really too bad that I already don’t support this bum. It would feel great to say I’m no longer buying his albums or supporting anything he does. I wish people would stop interviewing him.

  15. Tyga is being dishonest if they were “just friends” they wouldn’t want the wrong idea out in the world. If it was just a ” friendship” whit take all the talk about your actions for no reason doesn’t make much sense.

    She must be a real ” good” friend.

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