Nick Gordon Slams Bobby Brown

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Nick Gordon hopped on Twitter to beg Bobby Brown to allow him to visit Bobbi Kristina in the hospital, but Bobby’s camp claims Nick is keeping himself from seeing Bobbi because he refuses to agree to his terms.

TMZ claims the terms are for Nick to talk to the cops about what happened the day Bobbi was found head first in the bathtub, but Nick says he’s already spoken to the police.

Nick is now directing his anger towards Bobby Brown and tweets (read from bottom to top):

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  1. This n-gga talks like he raised, provided and took care of Bobbi and Whitney and sh-t. But the truth is their lives went to sh-t once he came in the picture. So he needs to shut the f-ck up. Bobby ain’t no angel but sh-t neither is Nick.

  2. If anyone looking for publicity it’s you and members of the brown’s family. I don’t think bobby should trust anyone with his daughter at this point except for cissy

  3. Oh, this’ll definitely get you in to see her now. Clowning her dad on social media is a sure fire way to bury that hatchet! *rolls eyes*

  4. Whitney and Bobbi were both found in a bathtub face down. So what’s the eerie link? Nick was in the picture on both occasions. F-ck this dude.

  5. He needs to have a thousand seats and fall back. As if Bobby needs this right now. It is funny that he is the one who mentions money. Looks like his well has dried. Kids and siblings relationships sometimes are estranged with even the best. Bobby was always in Krissi’s life since day 1 of her birth. If Krissi never blasted her dad as he did; what gives him the right to do such. He really has crossed the line. Straight up disrespectful. Bobby has never looked for attention as he never had. The media seems to keep him relevant even when he doesn’t want to be. I just can’t believe the such disrespect. He walking around like he birthed both Krissi and Whitney and paid their bills. #Nicktimetogogetadamnjob.

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