Sundy Carter Confirms BBWLA Firing & Says She Was Shocked Most Viewers Didn’t Like Her

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya recently clowned Sundy Carter for reportedly getting fired from “Basketball Wives LA” and now Sundy confirms she is indeed not returning to the reality show for the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, Sundy actually blames editing for all the backlash she received for taking shots at Brandi Maxiell’s fertility issues which are a result of her battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Sundy tells Who’s That Lady Entertainment:

“This is the thing…When you deal with reality television, you have to look at it with a grain of salt. You have to understand editing; you have to understand that you’re in the moment and don’t know what realistically happened. So how they portrayed me on the show I wouldn’t say that I’m mad at it because those things did happen and they did occurred however, what I don’t like is the part that wasn’t shown to make those things occur. They did not show me being provoked into saying something that was said. Therefore, if the audience is observing my reaction, then they can come to the conclusion that it was me being a bully or me being a sh*t starter or a hater and all those things. They thought it was me being negative and it wasn’t. They never saw all the things that happened to bring all of that out. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would just go on national TV for no reason and just start bashing everybody.”

Sundy also claims she’s shocked by the negative reactions she got from viewers:

“I think if people could just step back, look at the situation at hand and say to themselves, ‘I wonder why or what happened prior to this conversation?’ If they would’ve gotten the full feel, I bet people’s opinion of me would be totally different. I couldn’t believe the reaction I was getting from viewers. Wow, I’m like the biggest villain on the show and I didn’t even know. It’s crazy because when you’re in the moment, you’re just being who you are; every one has an opinion. It’s not a scripted show. I’m very outspoken and people take me being outspoken as something totally different when I’m just being brutally honest.”


  1. I’m rude as f-ck but even I know that you just don’t go there about cancer and fertility issues. This b-tch needed to go.

  2. She still doesn’t get it and that’s why she didn’t need to come back. It doesn’t matter what was said to her by Brandi, there’s certain places you don’t go when you’re arguing. She even said something about Draya’s son that was very low down. I’m sure she would be pissed if someone said something about her kids.

    1. Exactly. How is editing the problem when you are the one who felt it was ok to say multiple offensive things? I really think she thought doing this would make her the star of the show but it only got her fired in the end.

  3. I think she got fired because Tami Roman is reportedly join the cast. Evelyn is saying they offered her $2 million to come back (I took that one with a boulder of salt), but she’s not in that life anymore. Whatevs!!! Sundy thought if she kissed Jackie’s a-s she would be in like flynn. Silly rabbit!

  4. She pissed off a lot of people when she said what she said to Brandi. A lot of women can relate to what Brandi’s going through so it was best VH1 handed her the pink slip. She should humble herself and just admit she was out of line. No one can prove you to say foul ish.

  5. Girl please. No one made you say anything. You said it because you wanted to be Evelyn 2.0 but now you’re out of a check.

  6. It annoys me when grown folks don’t take responsibility for their own actions. She said some below the belt sh-t because that’s what she has been doing for years. She’s all mouth and if Draya could give her a black eye, she needs to stay away from all reality shows in the future.

  7. All the backlash she received for those insensitive remarks hasn’t humbled this broad in the least bit, not a thi-thi. And reading her response tells me she still could give 2fcks about how it may have made Brandi feel and other women who may have experienced this unfortunate struggle. Bye sundy, just gone chile…you’re not a real woman, you’re a parasite that thrives on new blood.

  8. Just rewatched the season. Sundy was constantly starting arguments for the cameras. Anybody that would post an inappropriate picture of their own child is garbage. This is why everyone she talked about getting paid more rn. Karma works.

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