Black Madam Puts Nicki Minaj & Amber Rose on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s always been speculation when it comes to Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj’s nice figures, and some have always suspected both got their very famous booties from surgical procedures or injections.

Regardless, Amber claims her butt is real but now a black madam is putting both ladies on blast.

Billboard writes:

A Gothic hip-hop artist charged with killing a London breakdancer with an illegal buttocks injection name-dropped her way through testimony Friday (Feb. 27), claiming that one of the celebrities who sought her out became “a walking billboard” for her work.

Black Madam (real name: Padge-Victoria Windslowe) claimed model Amber Rose started receiving injections from her before she became famous and continued until two days before the 20-year-old woman’s 2011 death at an airport hotel.

She said under cross-examination that Kanye West dropped Rose off for one procedure when the two were dating and that she was supposed to perform a “correction” on Nicki Minaj that never happened.


Nicki nor Amber have responded to the accusations as of yet.

In related news, Amber has decided it’s best to refrain from posting any new pictures of Bash on her social media accounts for a while as Wiz and his mother continue to run to TMZ regarding their custody issues:

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  1. So we’re supposed to believe Kanye West (the same rapper who name drops in interviews and thrives off having connections to important people), would take his girlfriend at the time to some bootleg plastic surgeon from the hood? Nah. I’m not buying this. If Nicki and Amber got any work done, I’m sure it was done by someone of prestige and someone who has plenty of celeb clients. Not some street doctor who doesn’t even have the credentials.

    1. Sh-t I have to agree. Kanye is too arrogant to send his chick to some back alley broad for injections. This sh-t doesn’t even sound believable.

    2. Why would you think Kanye would splurge for a top notch Dr. for his GIRLFRIEND when his MAMA was in Mexico trying to get work done? Obviously medical research is not Kanye’s forte, IJS.

      1. Well Kanye’s mom did what she wanted to do. She was a professor and from my understanding she wasn’t depending on Kanye to take care of her. She went to the doctor she wanted to go to. However, it’s common knowledge that Kanye is very bossy of his girlfriends. He picks out their clothes, tells them what to do career wise, etc. But he is really into big names, and being flashy. Please believe if he picked out a doctor, it would be one who has a whole slew of celeb clients. Also, remember he got with Amber after his mom passed. So why would he tell Amber to go to a doctor who wasn’t even licensed for injections? That doesn’t make any sense. He’s even anal about what plastic surgeons Kim goes to now.

        1. But did y’all peep Sheryl-Lee Ralph going in on Amber today? Talking bout a “reliable transgendered source’ told her all the a-ses nowadays are full of silicone. Then she proceeded to post a pic of Amber’s behind with the caption. I swear, it’s open season on Amber every since she took down the KKKs. I thought better of Sheryl-Lee though!

          1. Hold on, WHAT? Let me get the screenshot and email that to UB. The comments are going to be so good. Lol!!

        2. Also, the doctor that Kanye’s mom chose actually was a top notch doctor and has done countless celebrity surgeries. The problem was that the doctor did the surgery even though he knew it would be a risk with all the health issues that Kanye’s mom was having. I guess he got too greedy and stop caring about the health of his patients. Kanye would have never taken any woman regardless if he was with her or not to a back alley doctor to get butt injections. That would be too painful. I’m sure he is probably against them getting any type of surgery of that sort.

  2. But she’s on trial for accidentally killing someone via the injections, right? Amber’s body looks real. So if she got work done, the doctor did a good job. And I don’t think this woman is capable of doing good work. Not if her injections are out here killing people. And no words for Nicki. We all know her a-s ain’t real.

  3. Sadly all women in the limelight are being pressured to have a certain kind of body. And there’s some myth that all women of color are born with big butts and small waists. But the truth is we come in different shapes and sizes.

    1. This is true. There was a time when skinny girls were all the rage, now the coke bottle figure and big booties are in and women will do whatever it takes to fit that standard. It’s sad because what will they do when that goes out of style again? We have to learn how to just love ourselves regardless of what’s in and what’s not.

  4. I’m sooooo not a Amber Rose fan BUT she didn’t really get that body until she had her son. Her body is a sexy mom’s body. I get no surgery vibes from her.

  5. Well I’m not a woman but I always thought Amber got her booty because she popped out a baby. I mean she did gain weight. It’s not like she’s walking around here with a diaper like Kim and Nicki. So I think this person is a damn lie.

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