Troubled Friendship: Kandi Responds to Phaedra

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Phaedra Parks is having lots of drama on the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” due to Apollo Nida’s legal woes, and before he went to jail, he told Peter Thomas that Phaedra has been having an affair with a man by the name of Mr. Chocolate.

Phaedra denies she’s having an affair with anyone, but that didn’t stop Kenya Moore from dangling the gossip in her face in front of the rest of the ladies.

While Phaedra shouldn’t be surprised Kenya believes the rumor, she is surprised by how neutral Kandi is being. What’s even more surprising is Phaedra even claimed during the recent episode that NeNe Leakes has had her back more than Kandi regarding all the drama.

Kandi is feeling some kind of way about Phaedra’s claims.

She tweets (read from top to bottom):

kandi twitterkandi twitter 2


  1. I don’t care for Phaedra but she is absolutely right about Kandi. Kandi should really be riding with Phaedra right now but it seems like she’s more concerned about keeping her peach so she’s trying so hard to appear neutral. She needs to be a real friend.

  2. I said a long time ago that Kandi is an opportunist who is loyal to no one but herself. Now that Kenya is the star, Kandi doesn’t want to go against her. She wants to cool with Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia now because she thinks it will help her in the long run.

  3. But can we talk about how messy Cynthia is tho?! They dragged her on Twitter something terrible last night too.

    1. Not only in twitter! Girl, her IG pretty much broke last nite. She got dragged so backdhe had to take down a post about the episode. Serve her and Peachtree Peter right!

    2. Girl that messy a-s b-tch deserved a purse to the face along with Kenya. She knew she was dead a-s wrong too that’s why she was stuttering at the table. Her messy a-s doing any and everything to secure her and Peter’s peach. Her and Kenya looked so stupid last night y’all really going to believe Apollo someone who obviously has credibility issues and lied on Kenya for 2 years. Furthermore it ain’t they place to be confronting Phaedra they confronted her like they paying her bills.

  4. Kandi completely rubbed me the wrong way last night because it was so obvious what messy a-s Cynthia was up to. The very least Kandi should have confronted Cynthia and asked her why would she bring that up at the table in front everyone.

    1. This. Kandi knows she’s wrong. And it’s really messed up she’s using her marriage as a reason to not be there for someone she claimed was her best friend.

    2. Exactly! And that head doctor comment was last season. Nene apologized, and Phaedra accepted it – they moved past it. Why Kandi trying to use that as an excuse? Point is she should’ve been there for her girl, but she’s letting her man’s friendship with Apollo ruin what she and Phaedra had. That’s really f-cked up!

  5. I think there are no real friendships on this show anymore. Everyone is thirsty to keep their peach.

  6. From the moment Kandi apologised to Kenya, I was done with her. After everything that wey-faced b-tch put Phaedra through, Kandi had the nerve to apologize? GTFOH!

  7. I can’t say I’m surprised Kandi and Phaedra are falling out. Kandi went from calling out Kenya for her mess to hanging out with her and staying quiet when they plot to go after Phaedra. I’d look at her differently too.

  8. Kandi threw her own momma and husband under a bus for a damn storyline. Phaedra should have known it was only a matter of time before she threw her under the bus too.

  9. This season of RHOA is all over the place, and I haven’t been watching much. However, Kandi always seems to be more detached and “unbothered” by the drama unless it is her family. Phaedra had a lot going on, and sometimes you don’t want to attach yourself to all that drama. Plus we don’t know the details of the lawsuit against Kim (for Tardy for the party) and Kandi’s and Todd’s alliance to Apollo. Why are they questioning Kandi’s loyalty now??

  10. Kandi doesn’t know what she wants to do anymore. Her not even one year old marriage is already going down the drain.

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