NeNe Has Some Words for Cynthia

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Phaedra Parks called out Cynthia Bailey for bringing up the Mr. Chocolate rumors during an outing with all the other housewives and now NeNe has some words for Cynthia too in her new Bravo blog.

NeNe writes:

When the info was brought up about the Phaedra cheating rumor from Miss I Don’t Have a Story Line, the first thought that came to mind was something my aunt told me last year after the reunion show. She said, “NeNe, you might be hurting now and she may have fooled some people for the moment, but the truth will surface. You sit back, be quiet, and her true colors will show up. People will see her for who she is!” You guys saw with your own eyes what Team Petty does week after week, so speak on it! Blow their a*s up!


  1. This noodle wig is in no position to judge someone cause she did even worse with the pyjamas party last season when she instigated the physical fight.

    1. Umm what does her wig and the pajama party have to do with what she said? Nene being messy is not news or anything anyone has ever denied including Nene. Cynthia is the one who likes to talk about how she’s so classy and above the messiness when she’s the main one causing problems. She does need to be called out and I’m glad people see her for who she really is now. She was close with Nene because she’s messy too.

    2. Chile I don’t even like Nene but you’re delusional if you don’t think Nene was asked by the producers to do what she did. The producers are in all of their ears trying to make them pop off for ratings. They got Kenya out here looking like the villain all for ratings.

      1. Nope. Kenya does a good job at making herself look bad on her own. Let’s not forget about Celebrity Apprentice and the Lupita situation.

    3. I find it really interesting how the folks that dislike Nene hold all her ills from seasons past against her. But mention the crap that the others have done, and suddenly, we’re all just being petty. Cynthia gossiped about everything folks told her last season, and stirred sh-t up. How come you didn’t address that? She and Peter said sh-t about Kandi and Todd at the same pajamas party that almost caused another fight….you didn’t speak on that either. I guess all that was Nene’s fault too even though she had nothing to do with it…right? Chile, please back out of this post with that weak arguement.

    4. Well just like NeNe got dragged for “starting” the pillow talk fights, Cynthia is getting dragged for starting the Mr. Chocolate crap. Fair?

  2. I just need Nene to bring it at the reunion. Cynthia tried to play innocent for way too long when she’s been stirring the pot the whole time.

  3. No lies told. But I’ll add everyone is on team petty right now. I mean every single one of them is unlikable this season.

  4. Cynthia and her wife peter is boring and needs to go-when bravo focus on them everyone I know turn the set off bravo they go off. Cynthia been starting bull shit-she said todd was an opportunist and pit it on the other wife. she needs to be worried about that free loading husband of hers CLAUDIA DEMENTRIA AS WELL NEED TO GO AND BE REPLACE WITH REAL ENTERTAINMENT

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