Shekinah Jo Anderson Calls out T.I.

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny Harris is the reason Floyd Mayweather and her husband T.I. almost came to blows in Las Vegas last year because T.I. thought the boxer was having an affair with his wife, but now that T.I. and Tiny are back on good terms marriage wise, some still feel her best friend Shekinah shouldn’t be friendly with Floyd.

It also doesn’t help that Floyd said some disrespectful things about Tiny amid all the drama, so Shekinah got called out on Instagram after she posted screenshots of her recent FaceTime chat with Floyd.

Shekinah responded and told her followers that T.I. has always been disrespectful to her and Floyd treats her with respect (screenshots obtained by Fameolous):

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    1. Shekinah is an uncle tom herself. Did you not see that episode where she said she wishes she was a white woman?

  1. Didn’t TI come for her on IG last year? Yeah they don’t like each other at all. Hell TI treats Iggy better than he does Tiny and her friends. *side eye*

    1. He’s always shading her. And he blamed her for Tiny running up behind too like Shekinah made her grown a-s do it.

    1. Shekinah probably is one of the only people who had enough sense to tell Tiny she needed to leave Tip.

  2. She doesn’t know the difference between their and there. Annoying. But back on topic, TI is rude to her all the time. She could have dragged him so many times, but she doesn’t. So I think she has the right to vent about it a little.

  3. From experience with not just myself. I notice that sometimes men always happen not to like their spouse/woman/girlfriend ghetto/loud/hood/ friends. Especially when they know that their woman don’t carry themselves the same way.

    But then again, this isn’t a good example because I wouldn’t call Tiny sophisticated

  4. I don’t know how I feel about this because I don’t like TI and he has said some disrespectful stuff to Shekinah so I can understand why she doesn’t care for him. Let’s not forget Floyd said some disrespectful stuff about Tiny but he did apologize so I don’t know this is just one big ball of mess smh.

  5. I don’t really pay much attention to Shekinah but I get the vibe that she’s not like Tiny. She will not let TI treat her any kind of way and for that reason he can’t stand her.

  6. I think she’s reached her breaking point with T.I. You can only take so much disrespect and pettiness from a person.

  7. I’m torn. On one hand I understand Shenikah has every right to say how she feels about TI because he’s been rude to her in the past, but on the other hand you shouldn’t get on IG and publicly slam your Bff’s man. It’s just tactless.

    1. Tactless how her friend husband clearly has no respect for her if ur friend husband showed u 0 respect wouldn’t u feel the same way she do respect goes both ways sweetie

  8. TI is bothered by Shekinah because she out shined him on his own show. Truth be told, Shekinah crazy antics brought quite a few viewers and of course TI didn’t like her getting any attention.

    1. I am with you when you are So Right!! T.I is a full blown hater!.. His reasoning why he doesn’t want Shekinah on the show is “her” abuse of the English language? T.I take 3 seats to the left! You are the dullest bulb in the room! You are just hating on Shekinah, you’re gulping that hateration down by the spoonful. The English language??? Really ???

  9. I think he dislikes her bcuz she is ghetto, loud a lil ignorant at times puts all type of sense in her friend head and she’s a user……Men especially don’t like your friends that speak out and put knowledge in ur head about they a-ses

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