Dame Dash Gets Angry over Jay Z Interview Questions

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dame Dash and Jay Z haven’t been friends for years, but although Jay Z has been able to move on from the past and become a respected business man in his own right, Dame can’t seem to distance himself from their past.

In fact, Dame can’t even seem to get interviewers to stop asking him about Jay Z.

He made a recent appearance on the Breakfast Club, and out of annoyance, Dame snapped when he was once again asked about Jay Z.

He says:

“Everybody knows my history with Jay………get off of that man. Ya never ask that man no questions about me. I just don’t want to talk about those days…I haven’t even seen Jay but two times in 15 years……I don’t play these ghetto games. Once a ni**a has certain friends we don’t even talk about him no more where I’m from.”


  1. Don’t nobody give a f-ck about Dame. the truth is the moment he stops talking about Jay, the interview requests will stop completely. In his own arrogance, he took his own self out the game. And he honestly thinks hooking up with Kanye now will get him back in but he’s sadly mistaken.

  2. So much bitterness. I hate that they fell out but Dame needs to let that anger go. Jay is out here living his life and when he does interviews, no one thinks about Dame. I’m glad he notices that.

  3. I’ve tried several times to get through the interview but I just couldn’t. Dame acts like a spoiled toddler at times. He’s too old to be thawing temper tantrums. He gives Jay Z way too much power over his emotions when I’m sure Jay doesn’t give a damn.

  4. He said he doesn’t want to talk about Jay but spent like 5 minutes ranting about why he doesn’t want to be asked about Jay Z. #shrugs

    1. He talked about him longer than that. He was throwing a lot of shade talking about if you can’t put up your own money to start a business/invest you ain’t a boss…all that was about Jay. Dame is still too street to understand how real business works. Plenty of millionaires/billionaires used someone else’s money to get started. Even Steve Jobs had help with starting Apple. Dame isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

    1. The entire interview was uncomfortable. You can tell he’s really mad about Jay’s success. I’m sure he thinks all the time that he was supposed to be the one with the net worth of over $500 million. He could have if he would have humbled himself.

  5. Oh please Dame Dash needs to calm his broke a-s down he knew damn well they would keep asking him about Jay Z if they didn’t it was no purpose of him even being interviewed. See this is why his a-s is in the predicament that he is in trying to wild out on people over BS. If he didn’t want to talk about Jay he should have told the breakfast club people I bet they would have told him no interview then.

  6. You can watch the first video and see why Jay got the hell on. You can’t tell Dame anything. It’s hard to do business with someone who can’t listen and thinks they know everything.

  7. I don’t like what he said about us who work 9 to 5’s. The economy would be sh-t if everyone owned a business. Some of us don’t want that anyway.

  8. He’s mad that Spike said he was arrogant and doesn’t wan to meet with him, but can anyone blame Spike? Dame needs to grow up and understand that part of working with people is being humble enough to listen when you need to.

  9. I never really cared for Dame. And all this interview did is remind me why. A little humility goes a long way in business. People have to like you to work with you and for you. Even Spike Lee ain’t trying to deal with all that.

  10. He lost me with that dumb sh-t he said about people who work jobs. I always respected his hustler mentality, but I’ll be damned if I ain’t walking away with a new found respect for Jay Z now that I didn’t have before. Jay is smart and realized that Dame was a poisonous motherf-cker who is too arrogant to ever get out of his own way.

  11. Dame Dash is another hood intellectual that doesn’t grasp how the real business world works. How is he going to drag people with 9 to 5’s for having bosses when Tim Cook (Apple CEO) has bosses and he’s still the most powerful man in the tech industry? If you’re a CEO and your company goes public, your shareholders and board are your bosses. No one goes unchecked when it comes to money. In a sense, everyone has a boss. This fool needs to shut up and learn to listen.

  12. Dame has two bosses. He works for his ex wife and all those debtors he owes. He works to pay them. Dumb a-s.

  13. He’s nothing but a smooth talker. His actions and track record don’t match all that ish he’s talking.

  14. I like Dame he had the b-lls to get them where they needed to be for J to see the money he seeing.So hats off to a real hustler an best believe he not broke just tactics for the public divorce and so on he just clowning right now to throw dummies off his trail real talk

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