Tyga Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyga slammed the media and his social media critics a couple of weeks ago because he claimed he was furious people just couldn’t believe all he has with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner is a friendship, but Kanye West accidentally blew their cover, and confirmed that what Tyga has with Kylie is more than a platonic friendship.

Now that the truth is out and it’s pretty clear Tyga and Kylie are indeed a couple, the 25-year-old rapper took to Instagram to proclaim his love…yet again:

tyga instagram
tyga instagram 2

The timing of Tyga’s declaration is interesting considering his album with Chris Brown has tumbled down the charts in its second week, after a dismal first week which resulted in the pair only selling around 67,000 copies.


  1. N–gga please. He don’t love this damn child. He loves the attention he gets from statutory raping her.

    1. That’s what I’m starting to think too. Like I said before, Tyga is a user. He needs other people to get attention. He needs Chris to tour and make an album, he tried to use Nicki to get on a hot song but she declined and he shaded her in that GQ interview for it, he needed Chyna to get buzz before Kylie came in (Chyna does have a following)…and now he’s using Kylie to stay relevant. We wouldn’t be talking about him right now if it wasn’t for Kylie. He’s really pathetic.

  2. LMAO. Sh-t why won’t he post pictures of this young THOT without makeup on tho? Is it because Katfish looks like her dad in a wig without all the IG filters and MAC makeup?

    1. LOL! She does look like a completely different person without the overdrawn lips and no makeup. She really could be Bruce’s twin.

    2. I can’t believe that I’m looking at a 17 year old. She looks like she has had years of work and her lips are atrocious.

  3. Y’all don’t let me down on this boring a-s Sunday. Go all the way in please. Thanks fam. *sits back and opens up a beer*

      1. Girl drink some beers for the both of us. I almost ran out of my job yesterday once the day was over. Talk about stressed!!!!

  4. Honestly, we as a society are more outraged about this than Kylie’s own family is. They really don’t care that she’s sleeping with a 25 year old man because all the women in that family have done the same thing. Even Kris met their dad Rob Sr. and starting sleeping with him while she was 17 and he was in his 30s. Look it up. This family doesn’t mind pedophilia as long as there’s something to gain from it.

  5. I can’t believe this child was having sex with a grown man who had a fiancee and a baby. Home wrecking at a young age. Kris should be so proud.

    1. Kris is proud. All she wants is for her kids to stay relevant and keep making pennies from whoring themselves out.

  6. Funny he does this after Chyna posted about her new boo. And he was liking Chyna’s pictures a couple days ago too. But he’s sooooo in love with Kylie, right?

  7. Tyga really has no clue. He thinks he’s using the K’s but they are really using him and they will throw him to the wolves when they have no more use for him. These men are idiots.

  8. Now I’m convinced he does this stuff for attention and he’s just using Kylie. Tyga the shock and outrage is running out. People are about to stop caring. I’m sure she will break up with him then since all this has ever been about was getting attention.

  9. Disgusting. But hey, Kylie has two parents who don’t give a damn about her. Her mom cares more about staying famous and her dad is too busy trying to become her mom to pay attention. She never had a chance. And anyone who has high hopes for North should open up their eyes.

  10. Tyga is so pathetic along with the Kartrashians the fact that they are not getting more backlash is disturbing. Tyga is so f-cking lucky that Blac Chyna don’t turn his a-s in because something like this can make him either lose custody or cause a custody hearing. This whole situation just f-cking disgust me all these people are sick f-cks along with Bruce Jenner so busy trying to turn into a woman he needs to protect his daughter he doesn’t get a pass either. It will only be the grace of God if Nori grows up a normal human being. Bad enough Kim is her mother but I damn sure don’t trust Kanye judgement anymore.

  11. I’ll be glad when that whole family of skanks disappears under some rock out in Cali. But as long as you have dumb a-s black men willing to shuck and jive for them, they won’t be going away anytime soon.

  12. That’s a terrible picture of Tyga. I almost choked on my soda. But I think it’s interesting that he seems to fawn over the made up and edited version of his own girlfriend. Just like Kylie doesn’t like the way she looks without makeup and PhotoShop, neither does he. I think he’s drawn to the illusion of her and the fame that comes along with being with her. I hope he knows when she does turn 18, she will ditch him for a rapper who actually sells albums. She is still her mother’s child. Mommy believes in constantly upgrading. That’s why Kim has been married three times.

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