NeNe Leakes Defends Behavior at Therapy Session + Says Kenya & Claudia Hurt RHOA

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes’ idea to set up a therapy session for all the housewives went left quickly, especially when the ladies expressed they feel NeNe is the source of most of the drama amongst the peach holders.

In the end, NeNe walked out of the session once she began to feel like she was being attacked by the other ladies, and she’s defending her actions in a new blog.

On Kandi, she writes:

I must say I’m not surprised that Kandi showed so much hate towards me! It’s one of those things where a person wants to deflect the attention off of them doing wrong and place the blame somewhere else. What exactly is Kandi’s problem with me? Oh yeah they flashed back 5 years ago to show us having a disagreement. Really! I could go into detail and tell you what really happened 5 years ago, but why? That’s old settled dust to me. I see you Kandi and that’s why I’m over here laughing. #girlbye.

On walking out of the session she actually put together, she writes:

Wanting to organize a counseling session to figure out a way for us all to coexist truly came from a place of concern for the show. My motives were pure and true! I wanted to bring unity because I cared. This is a divided cast and has been ever since they decided to cast women that are not from Atlanta. Single women with nothing to lose. Thirsty women who have no limitation and are willing to do anything to be on TV. Jealous woman who want to hold the title as the “Queen” of this show! Women who haven’t worked in years. I have to say most of the ladies hate or should I say are jealous of the fact that I hold the title of being the only original and the one that has been here since day one. Every job has someone on it that has seniority and that somebody is me in this case. Walking into the counseling session I was open and thrilled to get started but wait you didn’t see that! It played out as if I walked in with an attitude. Not at all! The session started two hours late with me sitting in my car just waiting, but let’s just skip all that Ummmhmmm!

The session was intended for us to find a way to co exist as a cast. Heal not debate! Address real issues! By no means was this suppose to be about what they don’t like about Nene. Hell there’s plenty of things I don’t like about a lot of these ladies. Quite frankly I was surprised that Dr. Jeff would even handle a session that way. Going from person to person asking what’s your problem with Nene. Not many people can sit in and a room full of people and let them fire at you one by one! Being bashed and called the common denominator is bullsh*t and a set up from the word go. It was like only I had done wrong. I couldn’t help but be defensive! These broken relationships has NOTHING to do with me! Cynthia and Phaedra, Porsha and Cynthia, Porsha and Kenya, Porsha and Claudia, Kandi and Phaedra, Kenya and Phaedra. Kenya and Apollo. Looking back I wish I had taken a break over leaving. Staying in that moment was gonna result into something I wouldn’t have been proud of. Walking away seemed to be the best option at that time because I saw myself in a no win situation. I’m right sometimes but I’m also wrong sometimes.


  1. I have to agree they came for Nene last night. You could tell by the way Team Petty walked in together like they were three the hard way and everyone else came solo. Like they need each other to survive. I would have walked out too unless they wanted some furniture moving around that piece. And Kandi, don’t get mad at Nene for being a friend to your friend. Be glad someone was there when your weren’t Friend.

  2. Blah blah, blah. She’s the one who is ruining the show. Nene is the reason everyone is so divided this season. To think otherwise is delusional.

    1. Kenya hands down ruined this show. From her lying about and paying men to be her on screen boyfriend to backstabbing everyone in her confessionals and fake “Detroit” thug persona until she got dragged and exposed.smh I really fast forward her scenes cause I just cant with her dumb childish a$$. She woulda been stomped where im from.

  3. I agree with her about them ganging up on her. Everyone on the show has contributed to the negativity. No one has clean hands. Yet they all got there and blamed everything on Nene. That wasn’t fair. But Nene has to smarten up. She keeps falling for the bait that Kenya keeps setting up for her. She should have learned from the charity ball. Kenya wants her to look bad any way possible. She has to learn how to keep her cool and flip the script on Kenya.

  4. She shouldn’t walked out. Yeah you can tell all of them met up and decided to go after her, but she can’t let them see her sweat. You always have to be two steps ahead.

  5. While I do think Nene walking out on the therapy session that she organized was wrong but she has a point in what she is saying. Kandi ain’t slick she is clearly annoyed with Phaedra’s friendship with Nene it’s so obvious and that’s why she said what she said to Nene. While Nene does bring the drama she is not the root of all the drama let’s not play this game. It was some clear issues that should have been brought up aside from gang up on Nene.
    1. Why is Cynthia’s husband always in the ladies drama (he damn near should have been invited to the therapy session)
    2. Why is Kenya acting so innocent in the Apollo situation yes he lied but she was openly flirting with a married man.
    3. Kandi knows damn well she doesn’t like Nene why is she fronting
    4. The confrontation between Kenya and Porsha
    5. Why is Claudia upset that Nene called her a whore and won’t accept the apology but calls Porsha a whore every chance she gets.
    It was a so much that should have been said aside from the issues with Nene.

    1. I am in total agreeance with you. Kandi has no real reason to dislike Nene. Yes they got off to a bad start 5 years ago but can’t let it go. It’s just not valid anymore. They have gone many places and done many things together and have had no issues so why keep holding on to the 5+ year old drama. Kandi is jealous of the relationship Nene and Phaedra have.

      Kenya has gotten into it with everyone except Claudia and that till is waig to happen.

      They came in to gang up on Nene because they do not like her. Porsha didn’t get to say nothing but her expression of how she looked at the other women when they were talking was like bish, you are sooooo fake.

      I don’t think I could have stayed in that room either without in somebody’s face. The mediator did not know how to handle that session as a matter of fact it seemed as if Bravo paid him a pretty penny to allow the Nene ambush. I think this is why he gave a preclause stating that I am going to hold you to the same (whatever he said) as the others. It was a setup to say, I am going to allow an ambush and everytime you try to defend yourself, I’m going to tell you to be quiet and let her talk. hmmmmm!

  6. I cosign everything she wrote. No sane person can blame all the problems on NeNe. All of them are messy.

  7. Kenya wants Nene to leave the show. She’s doing everything she can to push Nene out. She has Cynthia and Peter now, brought Claudia in to do all the dirty work, and now she’s working on convincing the viewers that Nene is the anti-Christ. But if Nene leaves, everyone will be forced to see that Kenya isn’t the Queen she thinks she is. She’s just not that interesting outside of all the scheming she does. So if she gets Nene’s throne, she won’t be able to hold on to it long before Claudia knocks her off. When you bring in someone to take down someone else, it’s only a matter of time before they take YOU down too.

  8. The nerve of Kandi getting mad about Phaedra clicking up with Nene when she clicked up with Kenya and is out here doing her dirty work. She’s being a huge hypocrite.

  9. I wish Nene had stayed and given them back as good as she got. Why the therapist steered the convo towards her was strange too, especially since everyone had issues with each other. Kandi really seems to be coming from a place of jealousy if she had to reach all the way back to 2009 for a reason. She just hates that Phaedra and Nene are closer than she is.

    1. This show is not going to last if Nene leaves the show. Kenya will not be able to bring in the ratings for this show. It will dissolve as soon as Nene leave just like Basketball Wives. As soon as they could not sign on Evelyn, the show was over. Evelyn held the show and although Tammy acted a damn fool most of the time, viewers tuned in to see Evelyn’s bad behavior.

      1. I almost wish Nene would leave, just so the stans for Kenya and Clawfoot would have to eat crow. Like you said, Kenya can’t carry a show on her own. And once Clawfoot sees an opportunity, she will stab her in the back with the quickness.

        1. Nene does need to leave along with Phaedra,and Porsha. Give Cynthia,Claudia and Kenya the no storylines sisters exactly what they want and see how long the show last.

        2. Kenya can’t carry a show? Girl now you know that’s a lie. Kenya is the one who increasings the ratings on RHOA. And she is the reason why Apprentice had record breaking ratings last season. When she left, viewership was cut by HALF. Don’t hate. Give Kenya her props.

          1. Do you ever take a day off boo boo? Log off and drink some water…then take a nap or something.

  10. This reunion is going to be a mess. I’m sure all of them are going to gang up on Nene again. Ugh. Reality shows are so lame when the season is all about ganging up one person.

      1. Twirl, I mean Kenya you act so lost, I mean delusional. Again, the show last night was about resolving and not ganging up on 1 person. The comments on here are in reference to how this played out and not about the has been Twirl of a non-factor. Get it together and keep up cause you are twirling the wrong direction.

        1. I am so sick of Kenya, this woman really should get a life for herself. As for the Follower Cynthia, anything the Nut (Kenya) and the Puppet Master (Peter)tells her to do and say she does. Trying to act like she is such a boss “B” really! As for Kandi, yes she is showing jealousy towards NeNe and Phaedra’s friendship. She would never admit it i’m sure, but that’s the case. Now for the No.3 non-factor Claudia…hummmmmm she keeps harping on when NeNe called her a whore and all that foolishness…Girl Bye (the 3 non-factors:Cynthia, Claudia and Kenya). They are trying so hard to stay a relevant factor, that they are willing to make total A**es of themselves on tv. NeNe did the right thing in walking out, why subject yourself to Jealous A** Women, like the #3 non-factors who wish they can be a Boss!

          1. that right there! PS, you know twirl, I mean Kenya will probably respond to this with more delusions!

          1. Lies? But I’m the delusional one y’all say. LOL.. Aight. Answer me this…where was the outrage when they ganged up on Kenya at the reunion? Porsha, Apollo, Phaedra, Nene, and I mean even Peter went in on her. She stood on her own two feet and didn’t run out of the reunion like a coward though. Nene could never. *giggles*

          2. Girl all you do is Lie, Lie, Lie….Get some Professional Help Sweetie…So sad to see a woman go to such extremes to get attention…Deal with the Demons and you just might become someone’s Decent Wife…right now you are simply a miserable delusional clinical case…Stop it!

      2. Kenya should have been ganged up on, this woman really needs to seek Psychiatric Help. Clearly, this woman has some serious deep rooted issues. She is so miserable, to keep from looking at herself in the mirror, she will focus on creating drama in others lives. But yet she is aware of all she does, even though she attempts to act innocent all the time..Throws a Brick and hide her hand..Girl, Bye Bye. Get the help you need Please. This is not Cute at all, to be so calculating and evil…

  11. She’s not innocent but she had a point. Blaming her for everything just seems so stupid and vindictive.

  12. I agree with NeNe, she has apologized time after time. But, they can’t seem to move pass it because let’s face it, she is their only storyline. If we are all held accountable for past mistakes then what would be the purpose of living. NeNe has certainly grown over these years and the other ladies should be getting advice on how this Boss is getting the opportunities she continues to receive. I would have walked out as well, their skem had already been put into motion, she never had a chance before that session got started. it’s better to walk away from foolery….

      1. No answer. Eh, I thought so. I mean there really is no good explanation for being a fan of someone so mediocre and deranged. But you be easy, sweetheart.

  13. She has fought with everyone on the show at one time or another unecessarily, she is a fake self centered friend and if you check her on her wrongdoings you cease to be a friend, she is filth.

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