Marvin Gaye’s Family Goes After T.I.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Marvin Gaye’s estate was awarded a $7.4 million verdict since it was decided “Blurred Lines” is just a copy of Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up,” but now it appears that the family will now be going after T.I. post successfully taking down Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

The Gaye family is now pushing for the judge to “correct” the jury’s verdict to add Universal Music, Interscope Records and Star Trak Entertainment to the list of infringers. Additionally, the judge is also being asked to set aside the jury’s decision to give Clifford Harris, Jr. (aka T.I.) a pass and hold him accountable too.


  1. I don’t like T.I.’s c–n a-s, and I do feel like the fam is definitely venturing into greed territory. But if that was my dad, I’d want to do everything to protect his legacy. I’m torn on this one.

  2. They can’t sue TI. He was a feature. He had nothing to do with the beat or the writing. This is a greedy family.

  3. They are being greedy now T.I.just wrote his rap in my opinion he shouldn’t be as liable as Pharrell and Robin but guilt by association.

    1. TI will not have to pay anything because he did not create the track/production or the writing. The writing is not the issue, it is the track so they couldn’t go after TI for anything as he was a feature and not the creator.

  4. I hope this situation teaches Pharrell, Robin and others a lesson. When you steal someone else’s work, everyone loses in the end, even the people who had nothing to do with the stealing. You can listen to Pharrell’s music right now and hear Marvin’s style. He needs to go back to being innovative because he wasn’t getting sued back then. And don’t get me started on Robin. He’s made a career out of copying. There’s not an original bone in his body.

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