Tameka Raymond Opens up About Usher’s Engagement

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was confirmed months ago that R&B singer Usher popped the big question to longtime lady-love Grace Miguel, and now Usher’s ex-wife is opening up about the couple’s engagement.

Tameka tells the Jasmine Brand:

“When I heard I was definitely surprised, but I am very happy for him. Yeah he needs to be happy and have a good situation and be in a great mindset. You know he’s the father of my children. So I want him to be in the best positive situation for him.”


  1. I really thought she was going to act up on Twitter when the news came out but she didn’t. She shocked me.

    1. Girl me too. I was checking her tweets just waiting for her to throw some shade but she never did. That right there is growth because she has whooped Grace’s tail before.

  2. She is very mature . It is very painful to love someone and the feelings are not mutual anymore and to make matters worst he takes you to court and recieve full custody of the two children you gave birth to for him. No evidence of bad parenting on her part just the honest fact that he has more money then she does he decides to take her children away from her. His behavior towards her can make any woman angry to point of no return yet at this point in her life she is mature enough to be accepting of the situation.

  3. She answered the question well. I know people can’t stand her but I always believed she really did love Usher. So for her to be happy for him is cool.

  4. Look at Tameka being the bigger person. I never thought I’d see the day but I guess she’s really moved on too.

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