Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Go There

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are reportedly dating as they tour together, and while many of Nicki’s own fans are hoping she could possibly reunite with her former love of 12 years Safaree Samuels, it appears the “Pink Friday” star is all about her new boo.

After wrapping up a successful show in Paris, Meek and Nicki took it there in some recent Instagram snaps. And by the looks of things, the romance is heating up:

nicki and meek instagram


    1. You and I are thinking the same way. I used to not be able to stand Nicki but I may have to go back to that if she keeps this foolishness up. Safaree was with her when she was trying to get on and she wouldn’t even claim him as her man. But Meek (a certified bum) gets royal treatment? She has lost her mind.

  1. So she was with SB for 12 years and wouldn’t claim him or even let him kiss her in public, but Meek is worthy enough to straddle in public. Ok Nicki. LOL.

  2. I’m still not feeling them together. You can just tell Meek is just in it for the attention and bragging rights. Nicki dropped a loyal one for an obvious user. I’m so disappointed in her.

  3. Nicki looks like a damn fool and very stupid with Meek aka the rebound guy. Who does stuff like this with a rebound? Of course Meek is down because he using her for attention. Now you doing this with a rebound but didn’t show the slightest affection to the man you were with for 10 years. Girl bye sorry honey we don’t believe you you need more people.

  4. I guess she’s trying to go for the whole power couple thing. But she didn’t find her equal. Meek is a flop and a non factor.

  5. So many Ls all around this era for Nicki. That album was good but leaving SB and dating/touring with Meek is pretty lame.

  6. Lol… all I can say is perhaps she’s learned the mistakes of not claiming SB and is making up for it with meek.

  7. Let them be! She is a smart biz woman and maybe they actually have more in common than she and her ex had. We don’t know the dynamics of their relationship, but obviously she does. Besides, what’s so bummy about a millionaire with a hot career, endorsements, and accolades from the industry and respect from his peers? Stop tearing down the race with your negativity. Smdh!

    1. What accolades does he have? Grammys? Billboard Awards? Platinum albums? LOL. He has no accolades dear. That is why his Wikipedia page doesn’t even have an accolades section on it. He’s not really all that important.

      And what respect does he have from his peers? The last time I checked, none of the respected rappers of today even bring him up when they give credit on other artists. He will never be on Drake, Kendrick or J Cole’s level. Hell he won’t even be on Wale’s level. Meek hasn’t been recognized since his XXL Freshman cover.

      You can like Meek Mill. But don’t be delusional. He’s just like French Montana. They need to date women more known than them because their rap careers are a joke.

      Besides, Nicki’s net worth is 50 million, while his is just 2 million. A power couple they are not.

    2. Girl bye. Meek is worse than a bum, he’s a douche bag. He’s the same slimeball who dragged his baby mama on Instagram and threw her stuff out on the street like she’s not the mother to his kids, he’s also the same piece of sh-t who called Rihanna a slut on Twitter after she turned him down at the club. He is not a catch. He’s another downgrade for her. And he has anger issues. I don’t know why she can’t get it right when it comes to men.

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