NeNe Leakes Pulls a Boss Move?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a tough season seven for “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes, so many suspected NeNe would be against returning for season eight.

However, NeNe shut her critics down on Twitter recently and made it seem like she’s not going anywhere, especially since she thinks Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan have been trying to oust her.

Interestingly enough, sources claim NeNe has Bravo wrapped around her fingers and she’ll be getting a pay raise.

Radar Online writes:

“NeNe absolutely hated Housewives this season. She hated almost all of the other women and wanted off the show entirely,” the source told Radar.

“But she is the most valuable person in the entire franchise and Bravo was going to do whatever she wanted to keep her. So they offered her the spin-off, which she gladly took,” said the source.

As Radar previously reported, Leakes did the bare minimum to promote RHOA this season, but the Bravo execs didn’t care and made her return virtually impossible to turn down.

“They want NeNe and so they offered her a HUGE raise. She already makes the most and now they’re giving her even more money per episode and her bonuses will be bigger too,” the source claimed.


The site also claims NeNe makes around $1.5 million a season and she will bring in more money from the upcoming spinoff than Kim Zolciak.

Now you have to take this report with a grain of salt considering contract rumors always start spreading like wildfire around reunion time.


      1. I’m not mad at all. I already told y’all Nene is good for TV. That is the truth. But why would Bravo give Nene a raise this season when she hasn’t really been a factor? She won’t even film with the other housewives most of the time. If anything she will get a pay cut if she doesn’t get her act together. And that’s no shade darling.

        1. ….And when will Kenya get a pay raise for all her hard work thus far?? (clutches stomach from laughing) don’t worry I’ll wait….

          1. Kenya is booked. That’s what her hard work has done for her. She’s done three different reality shows in one year. Why do you think she keeps all of y’all and Nene so pressed?

  1. Bye Nene. She sends these same bullsh-t stories to the blogs around the same time every year. It’s time for her to go. She’s no longer needed on RHOA.

    1. Really? She’s no longer needed but she’s all everyone can talk about? Kenya and Claudia included?

  2. Well since Kenya and all her minions have yet again made an entire season all about Nene, I think she does deserve more money.

    1. THANK YOU. Nene isn’t even around, and all they do is talk about her. Kenya can’t be the star of the show because she’s too busy worried about Nene all the time.

      1. Have we been watching the same show? Kenya’s obsession with Nene and Apollo is the only reason she’s had a storyline from day one.

    1. What? No she hasn’t. Kenya has been carrying the show. When is the last time Nene has even been likable or interesting? All she does is pout and complain. She’s just there now.

      1. You’re entitled to your opinion but I have to say not everyone dislikes NeNe. She still has a lot of fans. When she started doing Cinderella, the attendance went up dramatically. When she started her clothing line, multiple pieces sold out in hours. She has bigger following than anyone else on RHOA. And she is still the most discussed person on the show. She’s many things, but I wouldn’t call her boring or completely unlikable. She’s still standing seven seasons in.

  3. I feel like some of you are being delusional. On what planet does Nene deserve a raise or a million a season? She won’t even film with anyone now. She’s a big spoiled brat who is no longer fun to watch. If anyone deserves a raise, it’s Kenya. That girl came in and made the ratings go up. She single handedly killed the Kardashians too. Before Kenya, RHOA could never beat KUWTK ratings. Give Kenya her credit.

    1. But LHHATL was whooping KUWTK since the first season. I mean it’s not hard to have more eyeballs than the Kardashians. No one watches them anymore.

  4. These Kenya fans on here are so delusional and pathetic yet I can’t help but laugh at them. Y’all so pressed and it shows Nene is getting money so deal.

  5. Lol. I have a feeling if this was about Kenya, some of y’all would be on here happy and bragging about how she deserves her raise. We have been talking about NeNe more than anyone else for seven seasons now. She is the most popular housewife out of the entire franchise. I don’t know why it’s hurt some people to just admit the truth. Kenya is well on her way but she’s still not a bonafide star yet. Even Lupita had no idea who she was.

  6. I’m seeing a pattern here. Kenya’s fans seem to really be bothered by Nene. Are you guys upset Kenya hasn’t been able to match Nene’s success? I don’t think that’s Nene’s fault. Perhaps Kenya needs a better team around her or some acting lessons? One thing Nene does have is a great agent.

    1. Kenya has already closed most of the gap between her and Nene in two seasons. And when her show gets picked up, I will run on here to read all the butt hurt comments that are sure to follow.

      1. Actually Team Twirl is always mad when Nene reminds y’all who the real queen is. Forget bringing scepters and bullhorns to the reunion. Nene is ahead where it matters…the paycheck and her position with Bravo.

  7. I’m not here for you Kenya stans. Y’all are so freaking annoying. Like really everyone isn’t going to like her like you do.

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