Wale Explains Why He Thinks He Doesn’t Get As Much Praise as Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kendrick Lamar’s latest studio album “To Pimp a Butterfly” was met with so much critical acclaim that some are already labeling it as a Hip Hop classic, and J. Cole’s latest album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” just went platinum. And with both getting so much commercial success, Wale’s fans wonder why he can’t get decent album sales or praise when it comes to his music.

Wale has an interesting theory on why he can’t seem to catch up to his peers and he thinks his social media behavior may have turned off the media.

He tweets (read from top to bottom):

wale twitter
wale twitter 2
wale twitter 3

Wale dropped his fourth studio album, “The Album About Nothing,” a week ago. It’s a good listen too.


  1. I think he’s right. His new album is really dope but it’s hard for people to get past his tweets.

    1. You’re like the third person who has said this. Weird. I listened to Kendrick’s and I bought Wale’s but haven’t sat down and listened to it yet. I need to get to it so I can compare. S/O to Heather B. for telling me to give him my money though. LOL.

    2. It sure is. People keep saying Kendrick killed it with TPAB but he really didn’t. His last album was much better honestly.

  2. Wale is very talented and his past albums were very good to me. But Wale just isn’t likable his attitude most of the time turns people off.

  3. Love this guy, but I think that tweet about how his peers “don’t interact with yall” is shade. He’s always tried to pride himself on being accessible to his fans BUT there’s a difference between “interacting” and “kirking out.”

  4. I really think Wale just needs to find himself musically/spiritually and stop seeking approval from people on Twitter. There’s a reason why most of his peers who are more successful don’t check their mentions. There’s no need to.

  5. I joke on him all the time but he’s right. He actually has talent and his music is just as good. I think people like to make fun of him because it’s the popular thing to do right now.

  6. Look at UB giving Wale some props. I love it. I’m jamming to his album as we speak. It’s been on repeat. I don’t like his personality but Iove his music. He’s like a less annoying Kanye.

  7. I really don’t mind him being sensitive and in his feelings on Twitter. I just care about the music. And for me, he never disappoints.

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