Meek Mill Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship with Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rappers Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been dating for the last few months, and the news of their romance came on the heels of Nicki closing the chapter to her 12 year relationship with Safaree Samuels.

While both have been pretty open about their relationship on social media, Meek is opening up more about it in a recent interview with XXL.

In the interview, he revealed Nicki was one of the few people he talked to regularly while he was in jail and she’s always been the woman he wanted.

He says:

“Yeah, that’s my baby right there. Sh*t real.

“Yeah, I tell her that. I’m like, ‘I don’t really hold hands, but like, I’ll hold hands with you.’ She know that. Like, I don’t really do things, but certain people make you do certain little stuff and it be like, ‘Sh*t, I don’t care.’ They can catch me in the pictures doing anything nowadays, holding an umbrella for Nicki, you know what I’m saying?”

When asked if he got the woman all the men in the industry wanted, he answers:

“Nah, I got the girl that I wanted, not what they wanted, you know what I’m saying? What I wanted.”

He also told the magazine that they discuss rap verses all the time:

“Yeah, if we rapping on a song together, sh*t, Nicki gotta get it too. Or she might give it to me, you know how it go, everybody on the menu. Ain’t no stopping. Yeah, we be sitting there talking about that sometimes. And we be having conversations sometimes like, ‘That flow? Yeah, I got that flow from you,’ or, ‘You got that flow from me.’ We argue and sh*t like that all the time.”


In related news, Nicki has folks thinking Meek popped the big question recently after she posted the following to Instagram hours ago:

nicki and meek engaged


  1. You never get engaged to the rebound. Nicki seems like one of those chicks who hates being alone so much she will cling on to anyone.

    1. I been saying this all along! She admitted she hasn’t been alone and her relationships overrlap. Sb was a rebound and she was with him for years. I even said she was at the very least emotionally cheating with meek, that’s why it was so easy for to move on from SB in some degree

  2. That doesn’t look like an engagement ring even though she’s wearing it on the ring finger. But if they are engaged, I think it’s a huge mistake. They haven’t been together long enough IMO.

  3. Some folks were salty as hell about that ring yesterday….crying on IG, and cussing them out like that ring took food off these folks tables or some sh-t. I get that people don’t like them as a couple, but gotdamn, these stans act like they killed Safaree or something. Damn!

  4. One of Floyd’s birds has the same ring and people are dragging Meek because hers looks real and they said this one looks fake. Poor Omeeka. People just aren’t here for them.

    1. I don’t think it’s fake but it’s ugly. Why would you give a 30 year old woman a heart shaped engagement ring? Tacky.

        1. I think it’s pretty too! I would love heart ❤ shaped engagement ring, I like lady. Gaga’s ring too though b/c hers is a bit more classy and less flamboyant

      1. right last time i wore heart shaped ring it was in one on those white girl kiddy kits in the early 90s lol

  5. I wish I could be happy for her but I really don’t trust Meek. He’s the type who will try to embarrass you if the relationship doesn’t work out. One thing I like about Safaree is he never talks bad about Nicki. He seems more mature than Meek. Meek is acting so giddy like he’s happy just to have someone famous. I also don’t like that he said Jay Z is someone he wants to compete with. That just gives the wanna be power couple theory a leg to stand on.

    1. I have to cosign all of this. He acts like an opportunist. It should have been a red flag to her that just a couple months into their relationship he was wanting to tour together. And this is the most attention he’s ever gotten his entire “career.” Nicki needs to pay attention.

      1. i think nicki knows that and it actually makes her feel good and dominant. be real…many women LIKE knowing they’re doing something for a man he cant do for himself. esp men who aint scrubs. it’s a catch 22 though. masculine men like meek always have that selfish detachment and i know that turns her on!! come on nicki is no oprah. she’s no tracy edmonds. she hasnt figured it out yet….either use a man to take u higher or dont marry him but “play” with him. LOL sag women got it going on but they can learn a thing or 2 from the aquarians

  6. I still think Nicki can do better. But I see she likes hood dudes who rap. Deep down inside she always wanted someone in the business. But she should have aimed higher than Meek.

  7. It’s hard to really be in love with with your man when you’re still in love with your ex. Nicki isn’t fooling me. Everything she does with Meek is her way of trying to get SB to break but he won’t break because he’s the one who wanted to end it.

  8. Well that was fast. I know some couples can get engaged quickly and stay together forever, but it’s something about Meek that has me pausing. Good luck with that Nicki.

  9. From the interview, it sounds like to me he really likes her and the feelings developed while he was in jail.

    1. lol u r so funny. [i hope this is intellectual sarcasm btw LOL!!] yeah ALL MEN’s feelings develop and ONLY when in jail. LOL

    1. I think they’re cute too, I did like her with SB, and hoped they could have worked it out, but they both seemed to have moved on. And people are saying they are moving to fast but nicki is going to be 33 this yr, you don’t need a whole of it time to date when you get older.

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