Christina Milian Remains Unbothered

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian has become a target since hooking up with Lil Wayne, and it’s all because despite their public romance, he’s still being linked to other women via the gossip blogs.

Reportedly reality star Deelishis is said to allegedly be messing around with the rapper, and he was spotted with another woman at one of his recent shows.

When word got out about Weezy’s alleged new love interests, his on and off again ex Karrine Steffans claimed on Twitter that she’s also still in the mix.

Despite all the drama, Christina is making it known that she’s not bothered at all:

christina milian twitter


  1. She has to remain unbothered if she’s going to stick around long enough to get knocked up and secure another income stream for 18 years.

  2. I just find it very odd that she said she left The Dream because he cheated on her but she’s completely ok with Lil Wayne cheating on her with multiple women. But ok. It’s her life and I can’t be too concerned with silly adults and the decisions they make.

    1. i think the difference is lil wayne is more famous than the dream. she’s always chased relevance. and this time she hit the jackpot. i mean this is the most attention she’s gotten on the blogs ever.

    2. Great point sis I didn’t even think about that. But Christina is an opportunist so she probably had gotten all she could out of The Dream so she just cut her losses. She is still trying to use Wayne so she is ok with being disrespected and cheated on.

    3. I think it just shows everyone who she really is. People get fooled by her kool-aid smile and constantly flopping, but she’s always been a gold digger who sleeps around to her advantage. Dream said it and her last ex said she used him too and left when she felt she could get more elsewhere. It is what it is.

  3. Why didn’t she tweet him back a few days ago when he said he needs a ride or die? LMFAO. She was quiet as f-ck then.

  4. Corny. People who have to always show affection on social media are so fake to me. They could have texted each other but for attention reasons they did this.

  5. She definitely has a knack of not leaving dudes until she gets what she wants out of them first. Dream cheated on her, Jas cheated and Wayne is now. But she hangs in there until the goal is complete. I think it’s easier to just go out here and get your own instead of sleeping around for a come up. But eh, I guess.

    1. I don’t think it’s easier but I think the the longterm gain is better for a woman when she gets her own. Women like Karrueche and Christina are on borrowed time. They can’t stay single and remain prosperous.

  6. This may be wrong to say but better her than me. Some women are just willing to accept whatever for a little fame and money. I can’t do it.

  7. I think it works. She love attention and he can only attract pathetic women with low self esteem. Match made in heaven.

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