NeNe Leakes Confirms RHOA Tea?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you it’s been rumored “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Executive Producer Carlos King is leaving the hit show due to some behind the scenes drama involving NeNe Leakes and Claudia Jordan, and it was also rumored Carlos brought Claudia into the fold to go after NeNe.

Well the reality star is seemingly confirming the gossip in her recent blog post.

She writes:

I ain’t always right but I sho ain’t always wrong either! I was always being attacked, at work, on social media, in the press, the weekly’s and every Monday morning on one particular syndicated morning radio show. It was as if they dedicated their Monday mornings to me with a revolving negative guest! I was being called everything! A bad friend, evil, disgusting, Cancer, a bad wig, bad skin, bipolar, noodles , a slave owner and so much more but yet I was the mean one. It took all of them, our executive producer and a B character that never was and never will be a housewife to try and bring me down, because they could never do it one on one. The constant blaming, lying, pointing fingers and twisting the stories in hopes that the fans would side with them. They wanted it to be the end of Nene! They wanted me to break!

Honestly I’ve never experienced having friends who wanted my life and certainly not friends to the point of betrayal! I’ve never really worked with women who were so desperate to take your shine in order for them to shine! Working with women who came in with an agenda. Their only accomplishment is taking someone down. Women who claimed to be happy for each other when they accomplish things but they were never happy for me! The tear down was so real and non-stop. Talk about being bullied! If I didn’t have a strong support system I would have cracked under the pressure.

The fact that I apologized for my role or any wrong doing just so we could move on yet it was never accepted, proved they didn’t want to let it go because it was all they had to talk about. Other girls could apologize and things would go back to normal. When everything else failed, they brought up a meaningless petty argument from 5 years ago to try and make it relevant today! When I tell you the bitter hate & jealousy some of these girls have for me is so real, I am blown away. Every time they open up their country wide twisted mouth, they spoke nothing but envy. It may appear to you that they have things but trust me I can walk in the room and literally suck the life out of them!

I knew they wanted me gone so I wanted to find a way for you the fans to see and understand the attacks I was under which is why I started asking you to blog for me. Every time they kicked me, I kicked down a door of opportunity because I knew how much they hated me to shine. The problem is, they didn’t know my strength and everything I’ve been through in life. My faith has never left me so in my prayers I asked for peace and understanding. The best way for me to find it was for me to be quiet, center myself and I knew you would see it for what it was!


    1. GUUURLAH! she is soooooooooooo beyond dramatic. She plays the victim as if she didn’t set the tone of “mean girls” on this show! Now she’s mad cause she’s not the one bullying everyone around. Chile. Boo

      (I’m not team anybody on this show, they are all shady “ladies” to me)

    2. So is Carlos. He stays on Twitter tweeting about how he’s some great storyteller and talent when all he does is find catty grown women who will bicker for a check. There’s no storytelling or talent involved in what he does.

    1. I don’t think he ever really liked her. He just tolerated her. But he started getting arrogant and felt like he could get some people on the show to do his dirty work. But the viewers aren’t stupid and we saw right through it.

    2. Well actually Nene used to cuss him out when he was just a low level production assistant. I think he’s held on to that forever and now that he has some clout, he decided to get some payback.

  1. Say whatever you want about Nene but she wasn’t lying everything she said and has been saying for months was true. Call her dramatic or whatever but you can’t call her a liar like some of the other women on the show.

  2. Yeah he has to be gone if she’s calling him out like this. I have to say I feel like he made the show lose the little class it did have. He thinks the same formula that works for LHHATL is supposed to work for RHOA but they are two very different shows.

    1. I don’t even like Nene like that but even I don’t want her to quit the show. Her and Kenya are made for reality television.

  3. People should be able to look past how they feel about NeNe and understand where she’s coming from. She’s been on the show since the first season, and it’s so clear why they hired Claudia. Why is a producer being so damn petty though???????

  4. Call her what you want, but Nene never lie. She called this from day one. That’s why next season Claudia will be coming for Kenya. She couldn’t get rid of Nene, and Porsha remains unbothered, so Kenya’s next up. Team Twirl better close ranks! Lol!

  5. Carlos held Kenya down but I think it’s best he stays away from RHOA. I like what he was doing with the show at first but now it’s just doing too much.

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