Cory Hardrict Addresses Keke Palmer/Tia Mowry Rumors

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week Tia Mowry and Keke Palmer made headlines because it was rumored Tia was furious with Keke because she felt like the actress was getting a little to close and personal with her hubby Cory Hardrict while promoting their new movie “Brotherly Love.”

There was even a photo floating around on social media of Tia talking to Keke on the red carpet while holding her wrist firmly. Many suspected the photo was taken while Tia allegedly confronted Keke about getting too close to Cory.

All of this reportedly started when Keke said in an interview that she had a crush on Cory as a ten-year old and thought she would marry him when she grew up.

Despite all of the rumors and Tia’s shady tweet, Cory says it’s all good and everyone is on good terms.

When asked about the picture of Tia holding Keke by the wrist amid conversation on the red carpet, Cory says it was nothing messy. He tells Wendy Williams:

“I was right there. They were talking about a book deal. It wasn’t none of that. We all cool. Keke like a sister to me. I love my wife to death. I would never jeopardize that.

“It was funny. We all laughed. We laughed about it. I was like, ‘oh that’s crazy.’ I don’t respond to nonsense.”



“Brotherly Love” hits theaters this Friday. Check out the video below. The Keke and Tia talk begins at the 4:40 mark.


  1. *side eye* So Tia had to grab her wrist while she was talking to her about a book deal? The lie detector determines that was a lie.

    1. This. But I hope Keke learns from all of this. When someone is married you have to keep boundaries in place. Always.

      1. Cory should have learned a lesson too. When someone pushes up on you, you check them at that moment and let them know it’s not ok. He made it worse by not deading it as soon as it started.

  2. What was he supposed to say? He’s not going to deny the obvious. A woman doesn’t shade someone twice if they are cool with them. Tia was not here for Keke. Period.

  3. The very telling thing is when Wendy asked Keke what the tweet was about she confirmed Tia was talking about her and an old interview. But I get Cory just wants to protect Tia in this situation.

  4. I’m starting to think this was all just a stunt for their movie. And if so, very smart. Kudos to everyone involved.

    1. Cory had to remind her they already met and she told the other dude she had no idea who he was. A quick IMDB search wouldn’t hurt next time. LOL.

  5. He lied. But that’s understandable. It’s not a good look to state the obvious when you have a new movie coming out and your wife is out here getting people together.

  6. Body language tells a different story. Tia checked Keke like she should have and now everyone knows their places. Life goes on. Some men are just flattered when a single woman hits on them. And the wife has to step in and let a b-tch know she needs to back the hell up. It happens.

  7. They have been married for 7 years. He should know better than to have Keke thinking what she was doing was ok. I hope Tia got in his a-s.

  8. I don’t believe one word he said. Him and Keke were always the only two all up on each other when the cast was taking pictures.

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